I have recently germinated bottle gourds seed by using this method and in this article, I am going to share my experience on “how to grow bottle gourds from seeds through one of the most effective and traditional methods practiced in India.”

I have recently germinated its seeds by using this technique and 5 out of 5 seeds germinated within 3 days only. With the onset of monsoon, I was curious to grow this vegetable plant from seeds in my home.

I have also germinated bitter gourd and ridge gourd seeds by using another technique that I have already discussed in my articles published on Agriculture Review


When To Sow Bottle Gourd Seeds?

You can also grow fresh and healthy plants by using this method that I am going to share with you in this article. Late January to February and July to August is the perfect time to sow bottle gourd seeds.

If you are living in tropical to subtropical regions then you can easily grow this vegetable plant by following the instructions given below.

Purchase high quality, disease-resistant seeds from the market. Check the particular sowing time for the seeds.

Avoid purchasing very old or damaged seeds that are of no use to you for germination. 

How To Grow Bottle Gourds From Seeds?

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Bottle Gourd Seed Germination

Total Time: 10 days

Soaking in water

Take a glass container and fill it with tap water. Put your seeds in the container and leave them in water for 48 hours without disturbing them.

After 48 hours take out all the seeds and let them dry a little for 10 to 15 minutes in partial shade under sunlight. Do not let your seeds dry out completely.

Covering In Leaf

Take a fig tree leaf or banana leaf and put 3 to 4 seeds in one leaf. Sprinkle a very little amount of water on seeds. If it is banana leaf then take a portion of it that is enough to contain 3 to 4 seeds in it. Close the leaf having seeds and tie it gently with a thread. 


Place the whole setup of leaf and seeds under a piece of cloth and cover it properly. Keep this setup in a dark place for 3 days without any disturbance.


Open the setup after three days and you will notice germinated seeds with roots coming out. bottle-gourd-seeds-sprouting

Sowing of Seeds

In a small container with good drainage holes pour potting mix made with 50% garden soil and 50% vermicompost. Sow each germinated seed with the pointed portion along with roots downward in the container and cover it with a potting mix of a half-centimetre layer.

Misting and Seedling growth

Apply water gently in the container daily and you will notice new plants coming out of the soil within 2 to 3 days.bottle-gourd-seedling

After becoming successful in germinating bottle gourd seeds, you can follow this guide to get heavy fruiting in your plants.


Note: If you notice no signs of root formation after opening the setup on the required time then close the setup again and leave it for another 3 days. However, if you have purchased healthy seeds then this condition will not happen. 

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