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You can repot during spring season. However repotting this houseplant is not always necessary as it has shallow root system. But if you are growing them in a small pot then you can repot according to plant growth and root size.

Yes indeed cultivation of Aloe Vera is profitable. According to an estimate you can earn up to 2,00,000 Indian Rupees from an acre of Aloe farm.

Underwatering or very less water can probably cause leaves to brown in this plant. Apply water around the base of the plant periodically to avoid browning of leaves.

You can use onion peel fertilizers at flowering phase of any plant that flowers, avoid adding this fertilizer during vegetative growth phase of the plants.

Clay loam to loamy soil is considered good for growing wheat. However, soil pH should be around 6.0 to 7.0 and it should have moderate water holding capacity.

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