Sponge Gourd Seeds For Gardening

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High Quality, Disease Resistant Sponge Gourd Vegetable Seeds

  • Easy To Grow,
  • Organic Seeds,
  • Fast Germination Rate,
  • Delivery within a week,
  • Protected From Pests & Diseases,
  • Follow Step By Step guide given in the description below.
  • Complete money-back gurantee if the product delivered is found to be damaged badly.

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This item: Sponge Gourd Seeds For Gardening

25 in stock

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Original price was: ₹119.00.Current price is: ₹79.00.
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Sponge gourd, also known as Luffa cylindrica, is a climbing vine that produces long, cylindrical fruits that can be harvested and dried to create natural sponges. The plant can grow up to 20 feet tall and requires a trellis or support structure for optimal growth. Sponge gourds are also rich in nutrients such as vitamin A, vitamin C, potassium, manganese & fibre. Moreover, they are low in calories because of which they are good for diabetics, heart patients, weight watchers, women suffering from menstrual issues, etc.

Sponge gourd is a warm-season tropical to sub-tropical plant that grows well under direct sunlight & well-draining sandyloam soils. It is a fast-growing plant that requires regular watering and fertilization to produce large, healthy fruits. The fruits are typically harvested when they reach a length of 6-8 inches and are still tender.

Sponge gourd is not only a unique addition to your garden, but it also has a variety of culinary uses. The young fruits can be cooked and eaten like zucchini or used in soups and stews. The mature fruits, when dried and peeled, can be used as natural sponges for cleaning and exfoliation.

After buying our high-quality sponge gourd seeds, you can easily grow this  fascinating vegetable plant in your own garden. Order now & enjoy a bountiful harvest of fresh, nutritious fruits and natural sponges!

How To Germinate Sponge Gourd Seeds?

  1. Sowing Season: January to March & May to July.
  2. Sowing Medium: You can use germination tray or paper cups with drainage holes for sowing seeds.
  3. Potting Mix: Prepare potting mix with 40% soil + 40% compost + 20% river sand.
  4. Sowing: Soak seeds in water for 24 hours before sowing of seeds. Fill your tray with potting mix, sow 1 seed in each compartment, cover with thin layer of potting mix & apply water.
  5. Germination Time: Keep the germination tray under indirect sunlight, maintain adequate moisture & within 3 to 4weeks your seeds will germinate.

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