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Now as we do not exactly know that for how long this lockdown will extend, it is better to be prepared for future needs. Growing fruit vegetables like tomato is not only to meet the dietary needs but it will also entertain you and your family during the lockdown. 
More than this it will give the ultimate satisfaction of eating fresh red organic tomatoes that you have grown yourself with the help of your family.
So come on let’s start growing together fresh and healthy tomatoes inside our home with the help of ripe tomatoes that must be present in your kitchen.

  • Select ripe tomatoes from your kitchen, usually the soft ones. 
  • Cut the selected tomato into thin slices.
  • Preparation of potting soil, as we know we have limitations and we can’t go outside but we have several options. If you are a regular grower and have pretty well setup garden then you must be having soil. Take out unused soil from your garden and mix it with leftover tea leaves, 25% tea leaves, and 75% soil. Soil is present everywhere so even if you are not a regular grower then too you can dig out soil from the nearest exposed ground. Do not go to the far distance for finding soil, do it only if its present near your house.
  • You will need a pot or container of small size to grow seeds. After seeds have germinated and grown till a certain height it can be transplanted to the bigger pot.
  • After mixing the soil either with leftover organic fertilizer or tea leaves in the same proportion as mentioned above put it into a small container and place the tomato slices on the top of the soil.
  • Cover this with an inch thick layer of soil and irrigate it, do not over irrigate the pot. Have good drainage holes in the pot to facilitate drainage. Moisture should be maintained for germination.
  • Only add water when the top layer of soil seems dry. Repeat this watering process.
  • This pot containing tomato seeds should be placed in a sunny spot, where there is a good amount of sunlight.
tomato plants
tomato plants
  • After few days seedling will germinate. Observe it carefully, If any newly germinated seedling seems damaged the remove it.
2-week tomato plant
  • After 15 to 20 days, the tomato plant will become ready to be transplanted. Before transplanting take out or cut the leaves present at the base.
  • In the bigger pot generally ranging from medium to large size or you can use unused buckets to transplant tomatoes. Mix regular soil with leftover manures or tea leaves to add nutrients to the soil.
  • The pot should be at least 9 inches deep.
  • Transplant the tomato crop into the new pot and apply water.
  • After a few days of growth plant will start flowering. At this stage apply tea leaves or leftover manures.
  • Apply water when the top layer of soil seems dry.
  • Support the plant with the help of a stick and tie it to the plant.
  • After 60 to 70 days of transplanting, tomato fruit will mature and become ready for harvesting.
mature tomato in plant
Mature tomatoes

You can now pick the tomato from the plant and enjoy the fresh and organic tomato grown during the coronavirus lockdown with the contribution of you and your family. I hope you have liked and used our information to grow tomato inside your home during the lockdown. For any further suggestions, you can drop out a comment and can Contact Us. Please share this article with everyone so that they can have a beautiful experience of togetherness with their family in this lockdown.

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