Grapes scientifically known as Vitis vinifera belong to the family Vitaceae. For centuries for their sweet & refreshing taste, as well as their potential to be transformed into various products, from wines to jams, grapes have been cultivated in many parts of the world.

Grapes are cultivated in vineyards, which are carefully managed and tended to by skilled farmers known as viticulturists. These farmers ensure the ideal conditions of soil, climate, and care to produce grapes that are packed with flavour and nutrients. Grapes develop from the flowers of the grapevine, which mature into berries. The skin of grapes comes in a variety of shades, from deep purple to light green, and their flavours range from sweet to tart.

Grapes are widely cultivated to sell table purpose grapes or to make wine, raisin, juice, jams, jellies, seed oil, skin care products, etc. The Grape Market size is expected to grow from US $ 200.91 billion in 2023 to US $ 283.10 billion by 2028, at a compound annual growth rate of 7.10% during the forecast period. Here is the list of highest grape producing countries in the world.

Top 10 Grape Producing Country

Country RankCountry NameTotal Production in Tonnes (Year 2022)
7.European Union1,420,000
8.United States 826,000
9.Chile 793,000

The total global grape production in 2022 was estimated around 80.1 million tonnes. According to the data, China is the largest grape producing country in the world with total production of about 11,980,000 tonnes. In 2022, around 3,489,400 tonnes of grape was produced in India making it the second largest grape producing country in the world.

It is followed by Turkey, Uzbekistan, Brazil, European Union & United States. Turkey is the third largest producer of grape with total production of around 1,857,000 tonnes in 2022. Uzbekistan is at 4th position with total production of around 1,607,000 tonnes of grape in 2022.

Top 10 Grape Producing States In India

State RankState NameTotal Production in Tonnes ( Year 2021-2022)Contribution (%)
3.Tamil Nadu50,0101.43
4.Andhra Pradesh46,8201.34
5.Madhya Pradesh35,4501.02
9.Jammu & Kashmir1,5800.05

Maharashtra is the largest grape production state in India. It accounts for around 70.67% of the total grape production in the country which is around 2,466,290 tonnes. Nashik & Sangli districts of Maharashtra are popular for grape production in the state.

It is followed by Karnataka, Assam, Tamil Nadu & Andhra Pradesh. Karnataka is the second largest grape production state in India with around 854,600 tonnes (24.49% of the total grape production in India).

Tamil Nadu is the third largest grape production state of India with total production of around 50,010 tonnes of grape. It accounts for around 1.43% of the total grape production in India. Major cultivated grape varieties in India are  Sultana, Anab-e-Shahi, Dilkhush, Sharad Seedless, Perlette, etc.

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