If you are looking for occupations, jobs, and career related to agriculture, then you are at the right page. From this article we will get to know high paying and lucarative jobs and career in agriculture that you can choose for a better future. However, you will need to understand that only choosing these occupations can not gurantee a sustainable career.

But, if you focus on improving your skills in these agriculture fields, then your chances of earning and a sustainable future will increase. That’s why before selecting any of these career, make sure that you are capable of learning and performing activities of the particular occupation.

Because of these reasons, education structures of various countries have included practical work in their curriculum. It helps student to analyze their skills and interest in the field of agriculture.

Occupations, Jobs & Career Related To Agriculture

career related to agriculture
Occupation, Career & Jobs Related To Agriculture, Image by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay

If you want to have a bright future in agriculture, then you can select anyone of these occupation as your primary choice.


People often get confused between agribusiness and agripreneur. Agribusiness includes not only farming but also the associated industries such as food processing, packaging, distribution, marketing, and retail. It can range from small family farms to large multinational corporations involved in various aspects of agriculture-related activities.

If you have a large farm land then you can start by plantation agriculture. You can plant plantation crops such as sod, tea, coffee, coconut, cashew, etc. and either sell them directly or can set up a processing unit for increasing your revenue. Or you can even start your cattle or poultry farm to sell products like milk, eggs, etc. If you do not have large farm, then too you can start by cultivating mushrooms, fish, oysters, etc.

You can even do agribusiness if you don’t own a farm. Becoming a wholesaler of agriculture products is also agribusiness. Or owning an agritourism center is also agribusiness.


Agripreneurs are those who identify problems or opportunities in the agricultural process or value chain & develop new products, services, or processes to address those problems. They are the ones who create revolution in the agriculture industry. Suppose you observed a lack of storage facilities for agricultural goods in your country, and hence developed storage houses to solve the problem of farmers, then you are called an “Agripreneur.”

As storage, there are many problems and large-scale opportunities in agriculture that you can solve with an innovative approach to help the farming industry grow and prosper and become an agripreneur. However, both agribusiness and agripreneurship require lots of hardwork, persistence, skills, research, marketing, etc.

Agriculture Scientist

If you want a risk-free life with a consistent income, and you love doing research work, then you can become an agriculture scientist. The average annual salary of an agriculture scientist in India is around 8 Lakhs Indian rupees. While in the United States of America, it is around US $75,359.

To become an agriculture scientist, you need to complete your bachelor’s in agriculture science in agriculture or related field, then master’s and PhD in a specialized subject in agriculture. You can become a soil scientist, sericulture scientist, Food scientist, etc.

Thereafter you can apply to ICAR, Agriculture companies, or government research facilities for the post of agriculture scientist. Companies related to industries such as seeds, food, pesticides, fertilizers, etc. hire agriculture scientists for research and development.


Agronomy is the branch of agricultural science that focuses on studying & improving the practices and technologies used in crop production. To become an agronomist you need to excel in crop production, soil control, and soil management.

Agronomists act as the bridge between farmers & agricultural researchers. They need to conduct experiments to find out the best irrigation management systems, crop production techniques, etc. and convey this new technique to farmers. The annual salary of an agronomist can vary from 2 Lakhs to 10 lakhs Indian rupees and in the United States, the average salary of an agronomist is around US $77,200.

To become an agronomist, you need to pursue an undergraduate and master’s degree in agriculture or a related field, then an internship at a registered agriculture venture. After completing them you can apply for a job as an agronomist.

Agriculture Lecturer

If you love teaching students and share your knowledge, then you can make your career as an agriculture lecturer. To become an agriculture lecturer, you need to pursue at least a bachelor’s and master’s degree in agriculture. Apply at agriculture private and government institutes to become an agriculture lecturer.

After becoming an agriculture lecturer, you can expect salaries up to 2 to 8.5 lakhs per annum in India. In the United States, it can vary from US $ 58,000 to US $ 102,000 per annum. However, becoming an agriculture lecturer is a job of responsibility and integrity. Therefore, only pursue your career in this field if you feel interested in teaching agriculture students to make an impact.


Horticulturists have expertise in Pomology, which is a branch of agriculture that deals with the cultivation of fruits, vegetables, flowers and landscaping. They have a vast area of work. A horticulturist can work to improve the variety or pest resistance of a horticulture crop or they may design and develop gardens or parks using landscaping principles.

To become a horticulturist, you must complete a bachelor’s degree in agriculture or horticulture with a master’s in horticulture. As a horticulturist, you can apply to become a logger, florist, lawn care specialist, manager, landscape architect, etc. The average annual salary of a horticulturist in India is about 4 lakhs rupees while in the United States, it is around US $ 73,000.

However, do not get confused with the salary gap, as the expenditure or cost of living in the United States is much higher than in India, therefore salaries don’t make much difference in both countries.

Sales Manager

To sell agriculture products such as seeds, produce, pesticides, fertilizers, etc. in the market companies hire agriculture sales managers or sales specialists. These sales managers play an important role in conveying messages to the buyers about agricultural products of the company to increase sales and revenue.

As a sales manager, you need to manage teams and organize sales activities to increase the reach of your company’s products. To become a sales manager, you need to have specialized degree in agriculture, to get a higher possibility, you can also pursue MBA in agribusiness management.

An agriculture sales manager can get a salary up to 20 Lakhs rupees per annum and in the United States it is about US $ 102,500 per annum.

Farm Manager

Companies involved in large-scale production hire farm managers to control and manage all the activities going on the farm. As a farm manager you will need to manage purchasing of equipment, selling of products, and managing health & safety standards, revenue of the company, etc.

To become a farm manager, you will need to have a bachelor’s degree in the field of agriculture with an MBA in agribusiness. As a farm manager in the United States, you can get a salary up to US $ 104,804 per year while in India you can get up to 18 Lakhs rupees per year.

Agricultural Engineer

If you are good at maths and love developing new machines or tools that can help farmers or the agriculture industry, then you can become an agricultural engineer. To make a good career related to agriculture, this field has a great scope in the future as the development of new tools and machines is a never-ending process. You can develop a harvesting machine, weed controller, mower, GPS technology etc.

To become an agricultural engineer you need to pursue a Bachelor’s of Technology in agriculture. The annual salary of an agricultural engineer varies from 2 to 15 lakhs rupees in India while in the United States, it varies from $59,873 to $92,607.

Agricultural Economist

To get a high-level job from the government, you can become an agricultural economist. They play an important role in analyzing economic factors, trends, and policies that impact the agricultural sector, helping to inform decision-making, improve resource allocation, and enhance the overall efficiency and sustainability of agricultural systems.

To become an agricultural economist, you need to pursue a master’s degree in agriculture economics. The average annual salary of an agriculture economist in India is around 23 Lakhs rupees while in the United States, it is about US $122,180.

Author’s Note

I hope your concept about jobs, occupations and careers related to agriculture is clear now. You can select any one of these careers depending on your interest. If you have any ideas, queries or suggestions, then you can comment below.

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