Rural backwardness can be defined as the status of underdevelopment, lack of progress, infrastructure, healthcare, income etc. in rural areas. A range of economic, social, and infrastructural challenges determine the overall growth and well-being of rural communities. These are the following causes of rural backwardness on which it is analyzed.

Causes Of Rural Backwardness

  1. Access To Land: Agriculture is the primary occupation of rural people, and to generate sufficient revenue farmers need larger land holdings to cultivate crops or raise livestock. In backward rural areas, land holding per capita or even family is generally smaller than 2.5 acres.
  1. Agricultural Productivity: Production and productivity are different parameters. In backward rural areas, due to a lack of information and awareness farmers do not practice scientific farming practices due to which the yield remains low.
  1. Infrastructure: For economic development to happen, good roads, electricity supply, communication network, etc. are required but due to lack of these factors, backward rural areas face economic backlash.
  1. Healthcare: Due to the lack of good hospitals, basic medicinal facilities, etc. in rural backward areas mortality rates are higher.
  1. Social Issues: In rural backward areas, people often face social challenges such as caste-based discrimination, gender inequality, etc. which hinder their growth and development.
  1. Access To Finance: People of rural backward areas are not well connected with financial institutions or banks, moreover, even if they are connected, due to the lack of financial knowledge or confidence, they do not seem to have trust in banking systems. Thus, their financial access is limited which further slows down their growth.
  1. Employment Opportunities: In backward rural areas, non-agriculture jobs are not easily available due to which rural people migrate to urban areas in search of jobs, which slows down the development of the area.

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