We see the tree on a big farm, orchards, parks, or in the jungle. Their shape, color, and fragrance motivates garden enthusiast to get connected with nature.

We wish to live among them but because of our lifestyle, we can’t stay longer at those places. we desire to live among them to wake up in the morning and admire the natural beauty of the tree

Trees not only give an attractive appearance to the landscape but also the food and all other necessary items to live a healthy life. 

Many gardeners that have space to grow larger plants either in their terrace garden or backyard garden can add a tree in their garden. But growing trees in pot or anywhere is not an easy job. If you want higher yield from your fruit trees you will need to take good care of them.

Today I am going to tell you the name and description of trees that you can grow in your home garden.

1. Mango Tree

mango tree

Most of the people loves the taste of the mango fruits. Mango tree can be grown very easily in tropical areas. If you wish to add this tree in your home garden then purchase grafted high yielding varieties of Amrapali or Thailand dwarf mango.

These two varieties could be grown in large size pots. To control and maintain their height you will need to prune this tree properly.

Do not grow from seeds if you do not want to wait long to get fruits. I have recently planted a grafted Amrapali variety in my terrace garden and the plant has established well.

Rainy season is good for purchasing a new plant for the home garden. Apply fungicides in the soil before planting mango to prevent root diseases.

2. Lemon Tree

lemon tree

Lemons are known for their yellow-colored fruit, lush green appearance, and sour taste all around in the world. They can be grown in tropical areas. 

If you are planning to have a lemon tree in your home garden then purchase a grafted variety from the plant nursery with a high number of thorns in the plant.

You can grow this plant in a large size earthen or cemented pot with 3 to 4 good drainage holes to facilitate excess water from the pot.

3. Guava Tree

Guava Tree

Guava is a tropical fruit that can be grown in tropical to subtropical regions. They do not reach much height as compared to the mango trees

Mature guava tree was in my terrace garden one year ago, I have planted a new variety after the first rain shower in this rainy season by applying organic fungicides in the soil to prevent fungal attack.

Purchase the grafted and dwarf high yielding variety from the nearest plant nursery. They grow well in soil with good drainage properties and love bright sunlight. 

With proper care, you can get guava fruits from a self-grown tree in your home garden.

4. Pomegranate Tree

They are just amazing to be grown in the home garden and if you have never grown any fruit trees in your home garden then I will suggest you start with a pomegranate tree. I have grown pomegranate in my terrace garden and I can assure you that if you care for them properly they will give higher yield even in larger pot.

This tree has low water requirements and can even survive drought. Pruning is a necessary part in growing pomegranate as it increases yield and helps to maintain plant size and shape.

They grow well in loamy to sandy loam soil with good drainage. They hate the waterlogged conditions in the soil. If you are growing them in your garden then prevent your plant from excessive rain as it can damage your pomegranate tree. 

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