From this ultimate guide on amazing facts about avocado and its nutrition get to know surprising and fun facts about this nutritious fruit.

Facts About Avocado

  1. Avocado is not actually a fruit but it is a “berry” according to botany.
  1. A single avocado fruit requires around 70 litres of water to grow! That’s so much of water for a single fruit.
  1. Around 5000 years ago, Mesoamerican tribes started domesticating avocado.
  1. Mexico is the largest producer of Avocado in the world. It produces around 30% or world’s total avocado.
  1. Dwarf avocado trees grow up to 10 feet high while tallest avocado trees can grow up to 80 feet tall.
  1. Avocado is an aztec word which means “testicles.” Avocado got its name due to pear shaped of its fruit which resembles male testicles.
  1. If you plant a avocado tree today, then your grandchildren can also enjoy its benefits as avocado tree can live up to 200 to 400 years.
  1. Before 1915 in California and Florida, avocado was known as “ahuacate ” & “alligator pear.”
  1. A study shows that wild relatives of avocado could go extinct due to climate change.
  1. In the world there are around 500 varieties of avocado categorized into 3 groups namely Mexican, Guatemalan, and Indian.
  1. Hass Avocado is the most famous and widely grown grown avocado among all other varieites.

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Avocado Nutrition & Health Facts

  1. From a single avocado fruit you can get 240 calories.
  1. Avocadoes are rich source of carbohydrates, monounsaturated fats, fibres, folate, potassium, magnesium, carotenoids, Vitamin B, C, E & K.
  1. In a single avocado fruit you will find 22 grams of fats out of which 15 grams are monounsaturated, 4 grams are polyunsaturated & 3 grams are saturated.
  1. Vitamin B6, C, and E present in avocado help in improving immunity of the body.
  1. Fibre present in avodaco are helpful in improving gut health and healthy fats, vitamins, & minerals are beneficial for cardiovascular health.

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