You will be surprised to read about these amazing 25 mango facts. Mango fruit is a symbol of love in India. Moreover it is also the official National fruit of India. Mango fruit is famous all over the world for its sweet delicious flavour and nutritional value.

Let’s learn about 25 amazing facts about this delicious and nutritional fruit.

25 Amazing Mango Facts

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  1. Historians and researchers believes that mango fruit tree originated around 4000 years ago in India.
  2. During 7th Century A.D., a Chinese traveller Hwen T” Sang came to India and found mango fruit quite delicious. He loved that fruit so much that he took it back to his country. This resulted in introduction of mango fruit in China.
  3. Mango belongs to Anacardiaceae family, i.e. Cashew family. And hence it is close to Cashews.
  4. If you propagate mango from seeds, then it will take around 4 to 7 years to bear fruit.
  5. Mango tree can grow up to 90 to 130 feet in height and can live up to more than 300 years.
  6. Even if mango tree reaches 300 years of age, they can still bear fruits.
  7. In the world there are over 500 varieties of mango, and each variety has distinctive sweet spicy flavour.
  8. Most of the varieties produces fruit only once in a year but some varieties such as “Sadabahar” can give double crop in a year.
  9. Alphonso is the most famous variety of mango in the world.
  10. Due to its popularity, taste, and nutritional benefits, mango is also considered as the King of Fruits.
  11. Among mango varieties, Alphonso or Hapus is considered as the King of Mangoes.
  12. Miyazaki mango is the most costliest mango in the world. A kilogram of Miyazaki mango will cost you around 2.7 Lakhs Indian Rupees i.e. around $3500.
  13. However the record for world largest mango goes to Jerland Orlando Nova Barrera and Raina Maria Moroquin. They grown 4.25 Kilograms mango in Colombia.
  14. Insects play a major role in pollination of mango flowers.
  15. Only about or less than 1% flower matures to become a fruit in mango.
  16. Mango is a climacteric fruit, which means it can ripen after harvesting.
  17. During the year 2010, farmers produced around 37.12 Million tonnes of mangoes in the world.
  18. India is the largest producer of mango in the world and it produces around 50% of total mango production.
  19. Around 4946 thousand hectares of land is devoted for mango farming in the world.
  20. United States of America is the largest importer of mango fruits in the world.

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Mango Nutrition Facts

  1. In one whole mango there are 202 calories.
  2. Mango fruit is free from cholesterol, fat, and sodium.
  3. Mango fruit is a superfood as it has over 20 vitamins and minerals.
  4. If you eat 3/4 cup of mango every day then you will be fulfilling 50% of daily Vitamin C required by your body.
  5. Mango fruit has polyphenols that act as antioxidants, hence consuming mangoes will help you to protect your cells from radical damage.

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