What Hydroponics Is Hydroponics Advantages Hydroponics Plants


You may have been hearing a lot about the word Hydroponics Farming or Soilless Agriculture nowadays. But most of us have doubts about “What Hydroponics Is?”

We are curious to know about Hydroponics and its benefits. It is also a matter of fact that many urban entrepreneurs are taking hydroponics seriously as the future of farming.

In this article, we will discuss basic aspects of Hydroponic Farming, its benefits, and hydroponics plants. So let’s start.

What Hydroponics Is Hydroponics Advantages Hydroponics Plants

What Hydroponics Is?

Hydroponics consists of two Greek words which means growing plants with the help of water without soil. In simple words, it is the process of growing plants without soil by using nutrients medium in the water.

Few people confuse it with Aquaponics. In aquaponics, fishes are used along with water for the nutrient requirements that are obtained from the nitrogenous waste of fish used in aquaponics.

But in hydroponics, plants are grown with the help of nutrient medium dissolved in the water in required amount. This nutrient medium used can be organic or inorganic depending on the choice of the grower.

But don’t you think that if plants can grow in this new farming system then why soil is required to grow plants?

Soil mainly provides anchorage i.e. support to the plant parts to grow. Without support, plants will fall down on the ground.
Hence support is one of the most important factors to keep the plant growing.

Just like giving support to plants, soil has many other roles:

Soil provides essential elements to the plants along with water, aeration to the roots, and adequate warmth to the roots that are required for its growth.

Although soil has other roles too but these are the main basic roles that are needed for the growth of a plant.

As human civilization started developing its ideas and research, we came up with various techniques to grow plants one of those is Hydroponics that is quite successful nowadays.

Researchers found out that plants have specific requirements depending on their species and habitat. Likewise, plants need a certain fixed amount of temperature, watering, essential elements, sunlight, etc. to grow.

In the hydroponics system, we supply them all in the required amount and plant grows absolutely well. So speaking in the broad terms:

Hydroponics is the system of Farming in which we grow the plants with the help of water by supplying the materials needed for growth and development in the required amount.

Most of the people who don’t know about this farming system have doubts that it causes wastage of water because plants are grown on the water in the system but the reality is just the opposite. 

Hydroponics uses only 10 to 15% of the total water that is used in the traditional farming system. To overcome the need of soil to grow plants, substrates are used to support the roots of the plant.

What Hydroponics Is Hydroponics Advantages Hydroponics Plants

Most successful are the ones in which plants are grown in greenhouses under a human-controlled environment which is beneficial for the growth of the plant.

If you want to start hydroponics, you don’t need electricity always. A simple hydroponics farm can be made without using electricity in which plants are grown over water medium just like in this picture.

However, if you are planning to open a large hydroponics farm to make huge profits then you would require to use pumps on your farm for supplying nutrient water in vertical PVC pipes.

If you are interested in this farming system then you can take training from any certified Hydroponics training center and start your own Hydroponics Farm.


Hydroponics Plants

Commonly grown plants in the hydroponics system are tomatoes, cucumber, pepper, lettuce, cabbage, cauliflower, medicinal herbs, etc.

Nowadays many flowering plants and strawberries are also been grown using this system. 

Hydroponics Advantages

With the help of this farming system, you can grow vegetables, Herbs, Flowers, etc. It is considered that plants growing to 5 to 8 inches in height can be grown very easily in this system.

The cost of cultivation of these plants is estimated to be less than one rupees for a plant.

You can grow plants anywhere from large spaces to small spaces in your terrace garden to your balcony. This technique does not use soil that’s it is less prone to soil-borne pest infestations.

Harmful chemicals such as pesticides and excessive use of inorganic fertilizers are avoided in this system of farming. You can grow more amount of vegetables, herbs, etc. in small lands as compared to traditional farming.

Crops grown using this system matures fast and becomes ready to be harvested within half the time required than in traditional farming systems. There is no problem with weed infestation in this farming system.

It is more suitable in the Urban area where a large amount of fresh and healthy vegetables can be produced in small lands that’s why it is also considered to be the future of farming.



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