Agricultural marketing is defined as the process of studying all the activities, agencies and policies involved in the production of agricultural products by the farmers and the movement of agricultural products from the farms to the consumers. It involves production, assembling, storage, processing, transportation, packaging, grading and distribution of agricultural products to the market.


It is composed of two words, agriculture and marketing. Agriculture is a branch of science that deals with the study of domesticating and cultivating crops and livestock on the agricultural farm. Marketing includes all the activities involved in moving the goods from the point of production to the point of consumption.

According to Thomsen, the study of agricultural marketing comprises all the operations, and the agencies conducting them, involved in the movement of farm-produced foods, raw materials and their derivatives, such as textiles, from the farms to the final consumers, and the effects of such operations on farmers, middlemen and consumers.

According to the National Commission on Agriculture (XII Report, 1976), agricultural marketing is a process that starts with a decision to produce a saleable farm commodity, involves all the aspects of market structure or system, both functional and institutional, based on technical and economic considerations, and includes pre- and post-harvest operations, assembling, grading, storage, transportation, and distribution.

Thus, we can understand that agricultural marketing starts well before cultivating crops and raising livestock on the farm. A successful marketing plan, which comprises an analysis of the market, factors of production, cost analysis, branding, etc., helps to ensure profitability in the long run.

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