Do you want to know what is agriculture science? If, yes then wonderful, you are on the right page to learn about Agriculture Science.

Agriculture is a very vast field. It has many branches such as Agronomy, horticulture, Agriculture Engineering, Livestock, economics, etc. We can realise the importance of Agriculture only by looking at our needs for survival.

Food is the basic requisite for survival of any organism on the Earth. We need food, right? And where do you think it comes from? Definitely, you are thinking right. All the food you see in your plate whether it is cereals, pulses, vegetables, etc. was grown in the agriculture farms.

It is the hard work of respected farmers and scientists who work very hard to improve food production by better farming practices and innovation. A value of the farmer or an agriculturist can be known by these words:

A doctor can save thousands of life in his lifetime but a farmer or an agriculturist can feed and save millions of life in his lifetime.

Aditya Abhishek

For the sake of humanity, human civilization started realising the importance of agriculture. This gave birth to the subject Agriculture Science. To excel in a subject that is important, we need to develop a systematic and planned syllabus.

Moreover, pollution explosion in recent years created many problems. Agriculturist are still working harder to deal with the food crisis that is because of population explosion. Many people across the world do not have proper food to eat.

But, to understand about every thing related to agriculture. Let us first know about Agriculture Science.


What is Agriculture Science?

Agriculture Science is a branch of science that deals with the study of plant, livestock production, etc. Or the production of anything that can be considered as food for humans and domesticated animals. It is a very vast branch of science.

Moreover, the word Agriculture is derived from Latin Language. It is a combination of “Ager” and “Culture.” Ager here means field and culture means cultivation. The word “cultivation” simply means to grow anything.

Hence, in simple words we can say that Agriculture Science is a branch of science that deals with the study of growing anything on the field. It is important to understand that we can grow anything from crop to fish or mushrooms. All comes under agriculture.

But developing a building on the field is not agriculture. In agriculture we grow things that have life. We care for what we grow. We discuss everything from sowing to protection of the crop. So if you are willing to success in agriculture then join us today!

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