Use our agricultural land area calculator to convert and calculate acres, bigha, ares, square feet, kanal, square meters, grounds, biswa, square yards, hectares, guntha into desired units. This tool acts as a converter that can convert the values of one area unit to another area unit very easily. It helps to reduce the manual error and can give results in seconds.


Agricultural Land Area Calculator


People living in different places often face the problem of converting their agricultural land area units for documentation, selling, etc. Hence, this land area calculator is here to solve your problems, use it with ease, enter the input area, select the unit of the input area, then choose the output unit, click on convert and see the converted area unit in the result.

Conversion Units & Relationships

1 acres= 3.025 Bighas = 40.4686 Ares = 43,560 Square Feet = 8 Kanal = 4,047 Square Meter = 18.15 Grounds = 32.2667 Biswa = 4,840 Square Yards = 0.4047 Hectare = 40 Guntha.

These may vary from place to place, however we have tried to use the standarized values for precise results.

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