If you are interested in gardening or agriculture then you must have read or heard in various articles or videos that this specific plant can grow in this specific planting zone, but then you get confused. Isn’t it?

If, yes then read the complete article to know “what planting zone am I in”. In this article I am also going to share information about each and every zone. Reading this article will definitely help you to figure out that which plant can grow in your zone.

What is zone for plants?

what planting zone am i in

United States Department of Agriculture in the year 2012 released plant hardiness zones. On the basis of average annual minimum winter temperature these zones are divided into 10-degree F zones. 

In simple words, suppose that you want to grow a plant A in your location. For growing plant A in your location successfully you will need to check that whether it will survive in your location or not? 

For example, mango is tropical fruit tree that can not survive frost or extreme cold. So imagine that if a person living in temperate regions that faces average temperature below 0 degree celsius wants to grow mango tree, will he be able to grow it successfully? The answer is a big NO! 

Mango tree requires certain fixed temperature range to grow and develop properly. Even if the mango tree somehow grows in a location that has temperature range slightly lesser than the ideal temperature range, the plant will not be able to show the maximum efficiency and the growth will definitely get affected to a larger extent.

More than this it will be a torture on plants to grow them in not so ideal environment where it can not survive properly. These points are common for all the plants.

Just like mango can’t be grown in temperate regions, a plant that is adapted to grow and survive in temperate regions will not be able survive properly in tropical regions. 

If we view this from the perspective of a farmer then we get to the conclusion that a farmer will not want to grow a crop that can not survive in the environment in which the farmer wants to raise a crop.

To earn to good amount of profit, the farmer must grow the plants that can give maximum possible yield. The same theory goes for gardeners. 

If you want to grow a plant in your home garden then you will not want to see it dying. For growing your plant successfully you will surely want to know whether the plant you want to grow in your locality can survive there or not. 

To make the whole process very easy USDA released plant zone map that is based on average minimum temperature of a place. This determine that whether a plant can survive in the region you are living or not.

Understood Basics

You have understood the basics of the complete content but now what? do you need to remember the complete classification? definitely NO. 

You may or may not be the student of science. So you don’t need to remember the complete classification. However, if you are interested in learning the complete classification then you can visit the link below:


What you need to remember is the zone in which you are living. That will make thing pretty easier for you. After knowing the plant hardiness zone classification, you can start visiting different agriculture or gardening websites.

This time you will not get confused and it will become quite easier for you to select a plant that is suitable for your zone. Keep reading to know that in which zone you are in. 

What planting zone am I in?

Now after reading the article on “what is zone for plants,” you must have got curious to know about the zone in which you are living. To find this simple read this article:


Visiting this article will help you to know about your zone and the plants that you can grow in your zone. 

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