Do you want to know which is fastest growing plant? If yes, then you are on the right page. According to Guinness world record, species of 45 genera of bamboo can be considered as the fastest growing plants.

They can grow up to 91 centimetres या 35 inches high within a day. The growth rate of this plant is around 0.000003 Km per hour. Bamboo are perennial flowering plants that belongs to family पोएसी. Around 1000 varieties of bamboo is present on the planet earth.

However, in tropical areas bamboo can grow up to 40 metres while in USA और Europe they can grow up to 20 to 30 metres high. Bamboo plants have great economic and cultural importance. You can use them as a raw material for constructing, and even as a food source.

Bamboo Plant, Photo by Keisuke Kuribara on Unsplash

Although bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world but, there are other plants too that are fastest spreading plant food.

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Which is fastest growing plant food?

Duckweeds are small aquatic flowering plants that can grow really fast. They can double their biomass within 2 to 3 days. You can easily find the growing on the surface of slow moving water bodies worldwide.

Duckweed, Photo by Lucas van Oort on Unsplash

The most important fact that fascinates scientist across the globe is that 40% of the dry weight of duckweed is protein. Moreover, it is a popular source of food in southwest Asia. Due to its high multiplication and growth rate many scientist across the world is predicting it as the future source of food for humans.

The cost of cultivation of duckweed is much lesser than cultivating any conventional crops like maize, wheat, peas, etc. It also fulfils the nutritional needs of humans.

According to sciencedirect, Duckweeds have

प्रोटीन20 to 35%
वसा4 to 7%
Starch4 to 10%
स्रोत: Sciencedirect

Theoretically, if duckweeds reproduce at its maximum efficiency then within four months it can create four earth sized masses. However, duckweed can also be a great source of biofuel.

Researches are going on in Rutgers University, and North Carolina State University on the potential of duckweeds as a clean source of energy for the future. They have other benefits too. They have the ability to remove carbon dioxide from the air.

This property of duckweeds can help us to counter global warming problem in upcoming days!

Don’t you think that such a small fast growing plant has lot of abilities that is very useful for nature? Well let me know that in the comment box that what you think about the potential of this plant?

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