This is the story of Mr. Ganesh Singh Bisht who currently lives in Dehradun. He is the man with ambition and goal. His mission is to remove unemployment of youth from his state Uttrakhand in India.

He is highly motivated by Prime Minister of India Shree Narendra Modi’s “AATMANIRBHAR” Mission. 

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You may have seen many people constantly complaining about their problems instead of solving them whether it is unemployment or day to day problems but this man instead of complaining started working on his dream.

The journey was not easy for him. Like all common man, he was doing a job in Delhi from the year 2004 to 2014. He worked as a Computer Network Engineer from 2004 to 2006. From 2006 to 2014 he worked in CIDC ( Construction Industry Development Council) which comes under Labour Ministry.

He worked as a trainee, supervisor, Coordinator, Assistant Manager, Training Center Incharge and Deputy Manager. His work was to give training, testing, and certification to workers who work in informal sectors in different states like Haryana, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi NCR, and Bihar.

But he was not satisfied with his life. He wanted to do something different.

In the year 2014, Mr. Bhisht resigned from his job and came back to his village in Paudi Garhwal unfortunately he met with an accident and remained one year in bedrest.

Mr. Bisht said that while he was on bed rest, he was always searching for ideas and opportunities so that he could start to do something from his home. 

Later on, when he recovered he went to Karnal, Haryana to take training of Hydroponics farming and then started his own farm near Dehradun.

He took a big risk, most of the people started opposing him and started making fun of his decision but he continued to believe in his vision and idea.

He started his own farm “Farming For Future F3 Hydroponics.” Within five years it proved out to be a success. He loved his work and started earning a good amount of money from it.

Those people who were earlier making fun of his idea started supporting him. They were actually not aware of this new soilless farming technique that’s why they were not able to understand Mr. Bisht’s work.

Mr. Ganesh Singh Bisht knew that a lot of Indigenous and foreign travelers visit Uttrakhand every year and the number of travelers keeps increasing.

These travelers love exotic vegetables and herbs due to which there is a high demand in hotels and hotel management institutes. He got connected with these hotels and started hydroponics farming which started giving him huge benefits.

Now he is teaching the rest of the unemployed youth as well as any person who is interested to learn and earn from hydroponics farming.

Farming For Future F3 Hydroponics

F3 Hydroponics Hydroponics Advantages
  • You can learn the Hydroponics system of farming as well as Organic farming,
  • Vertical and Horizontal Kitchen Gardening,
  • self-employment through contract farming of medical herbs and exotic vegetables in small spaces
  • and to prepare organic compost.

Besides, he helps you to set up a hydroponics farm, get your equipments for farming, and encourages you to earn money from contract farming as well as Hydroponics.  

F3 Hydroponics Hydroponics Advantages

You can start this system of farming on your terrace very easily. If you are interested in self-reliance and want to change your life then to learn or know more about his Farm you can contact him on this mobile number +91 9718281805 or +91 938972662.   

You can also visit his farm which is situated in Sunar Gaon, Chowk Number 5, Athoorwala near Himalayan Hospital, Jolly Grant Chowk, Dehradun, India.

F3 Hydroponics Hydroponics Advantages

Mr. Ganesh Singh Bisht says that hydroponics and organic farming has the following benefits:

Hydroponics Advantages

Instead of purchasing stale vegetables from the market which is highly contaminated from harmful pesticides and artificial fertilizers, you will get healthy and fresh vegetables grown in your own home.

Day by day farming land is reducing everywhere, urban farming is a great option to overcome this problem. It not only gives self-employment and solves the problem of unemployment but it also helps to reduce the intake of harmful chemicals inside our bodies from market vegetables.

F3 Hydroponics Hydroponics Advantages

Hydroponics farming reduces the wastage of water. In Arab countries, this technology is used to solve the water crisis problem. It saves around 80% of the water used in a normal farming system.

You can grow different types of healthy exotic vegetables and medicinal herbs by using this technology. To set up and use you don’t require to have a large farm. You can start on the balcony, terrace or small farm.

This farming system only uses 10 to 15% water and is soilless that’s why chances of pest infestation are very less. In comparison to the crops grown in fields, in hydroponics, it could be grown in half time of the total taken to grow field crop.

If you are youth and unemployed then you should definitely visit his farm and start earning money. It will take only a call, just call him and learn it and tell us your story.

Adopting this farming system will allow you to connect with your family members instead of going on a 6 to 9 hours of Job and will make you earn money So take the action and join F3 Hydroponics Farm.

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