Flower Growth Fertilizer To Increase Flowering In Plants

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Agriculture Review’s Flower Growth Fertilizer is useful in increasing flowering in your plants.

  • Quantity: 900 Grams
  • Flower Growth Fertilizer is made by mixing all the necessary constituents required to encourage intense flowering in plants.
  • It is a rapid action fertilizer that can increase flowering in plants within a week or two.
  • Agriculture Review’s blend of fertilizer contains nitrogen to promote foliage growth, phosphorus to promote root growth, potassium to promote stress tolerance and other micronutrients to save plants from physiological disorders.
  • This fertilizer is very effective for encouraging new buds, but as a grower, you will also need to take care of watering, soil type, and sunlight to get the best results.

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This item: Flower Growth Fertilizer To Increase Flowering In Plants

50 in stock

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Original price was: ₹399.00.Current price is: ₹269.00.
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Original price was: ₹399.00.Current price is: ₹269.00.
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Agriculture Review’s Flower Growth Fertilizer is useful for increasing flowering in plants. If you are a plant lover who likes to grow flowering plants such as rose, hibiscus, dahlia, gerbera, morning glory, etc. in the garden but often get less bloom in these plants. Then, you can fertilize your flowering plants with Agriculture Review’s Flower Growth Fertilizer. Its special formula will enrich the soil with nutrients to increase flowering. However, use this fertilizer only during the active flowering season of the plant in your local region. Do not use this fertilizer during the dormant season of the plants.

How To Use Flower Growth Fertilizer?

To use this flower growth fertilizer, with the help of a spoon, spread the fertilizer around the base of the plant and water gently. Do not use more than the recommended amount and frequency. Also, take care to avoid fertilizing your flowering plants during the dormant season, as they need rest during that time. Dormancy season can vary from species to species and region. Generally, rose plants goes under dormancy in summer while hibiscus goes under dormancy in winter.

Other factors also influence the growth of flowering plants, such as soil type, sunlight, and watering. Therefore, adding fertilizer will help boost the flowering of your plants, but you will also need to take care of all the aspects of growing flowering plants to get the best results from the fertilizer. A plant is like a baby, which needs utmost care to perform well. That’s why, to get the best results, please follow all the guidelines carefully.

Results will start appearing in around one to two weeks after applying this fertilizer. If you need any information or assistance regarding the usage of this product, then you can contact our experts on WhatsApp.

If you have any queries, ideas or suggestions, then please comment below. You can also connect with Agriculture Review on Facebook, Instagram, Koo and WhatsApp Messenger.

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