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This exotic rare succulent plant is generally available at much higher prices in the market. But we at Agriculture Review have made the price reasonable for single lithop living stone plant to encourage more garden enthusiast to grow this amazing rare flowering succulent plant.

Blooming Season: Spring Season

Plantation Season: Spring to Summer Season

Plant Type: Outdoor Succulent Plant

Soil: Well drained cactus soil

Sunlight: Partial or Indirect Sunlight

Watering: Only when soil is completely dry.

You will get one lithop plant and after purchase your product will be delivered within one week!

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Lithops or Living stone plant are small slow growing succulent flowering plants that can grow up-to 6 centimetres high. They are also known as “Pebble plants.” Actually this plant only has a pair of leaves which looks like stones. Lithops are native to Southern Africa but can grow in many parts of the world that have similar climatic conditions.

If you are purchasing living stone plant from our platform then we will like to provide lithops care guide to you so that you can easily take care of this plant.

Lithops Care Guide

For succulents you will need to take care of potting mix, sunlight, watering, and at last fertilizers. Generally these factors plays a major role in growth of your succulent plant.

Potting Mix

Living stone or pebble plant loves well drained potting mix. You can use general cactus mix from the market or you can prepare your own potting mix. Use 1/3rd or leaf compost + 1/3rd of river sand + 1/3rd of perlite to prepare ideal potting mix for lithops.

You should always avoid clayey or heavy soil for growing succulents.


Direct sunlight for longer duration or no sunlight at all can affect the growth of living stone plant. Bright indirect sunlight or partial sunlight is best for this succulent plant.


During summer months you can apply water once after every 2 weeks, but during winters try to avoid watering for longer duration. During winter season the older leaves will die and new leaves will grow from inside. Try avoid excess watering or water loffing condition in the soil as it can drastically affect the growth of your plant.


Lithops are not heavy feeder hence you don’t need to worry much about fertilizing this plant. I will suggest to fertilize only once just before the beginning of blooming season with leaf compost.

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