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Agronomy Notes

AGRO 101 – Principles of Agronomy and Agricultural MeteorologyPDF Notes
Agriculture DefinitionPDF Link
Indian Agriculture and EconomyPDF Link
History of Agricultural DevelopmentPDF Link
Stages of Agriculture DevelopmentPDF Link
Chronology of Agricultural Technology development in IndiaPDF Link
Kautilya’s ArthasasthraPDF Link
Agronomy – Definition – Meaning and ScopePDF Link
Crops And Major soils PDF Link
Factors Affecting Crop ProductionPDF Link
Tillage – Definition – Objectives – Types of TillagePDF Link
Seeds – Seed Rate – Sowing methods – GerminationPDF Link
Role of manures and Fertilizers in Crop ProductionPDF Link
Irrigation – Time and MethodsPDF Link
Planting Geometry And Its EffectsPDF Link
Cropping Pattern and Cropping SystemPDF Link
Organic Farming & Dryland AgriculturePDF Link
Agro-climatic Zones of IndiaPDF Link
Agro-MeteorologyPDF Link
Weather And ClimatePDF Link
Weather Elements & Their Influence On CropsPDF Link
MonsoonPDF Link
CloudsPDF Link
Weather AberrationsPDF Link
Weather ForecastingPDF Link
Weather ModificationPDF Link
Remote SensingPDF Link

और पढ़ें: How To Calculate NPK, Application Rate & Fertilizer Requirement

AGRO 102 – Introductory AgriculturePDF Notes
Agriculture HeritagePDF Link
Beginning Of AgriculturePDF Link
Indus CivilizationPDF Link
Status of Farmers In HistoryPDF Link
Agriculture In Kautilya’s ArthsastraPDF Link
Agriculture in the Sangam LteraturePDF Link
Astronomy – Prediction Of Monsoon RainsPDF Link
Ancient Soil ClassificationPDF Link
Water Harvesting & Irrigation In HistoryPDF Link
Plant Protection In Ancient PeriodPDF Link
Indigenous & Introduced CropsPDF Link
Gardening in Ancient & Medieval PeriodPDF Link
Traditional Technical KnowledgePDF Link
Vegetable Farming, Floriculture & Medicinal Plants In HistoryPDF Link
Role of Cattle & Other Domestic AnimalsPDF Link
Description of Indian Civilization and AgriculturePDF Link
Indian Journey in AgriculturePDF Link

और पढ़ें: कृषि भूमि क्षेत्र कैलकुलेटर

AGRO 103 – Water management including Micro IrrigationPDF Notes
Development of Irrigation in IndiaPDF Link
Role of Water in Plant GrowthPDF Link
Soil Water MovementPDF Link
Soil Moisture MeasurementPDF Link
Moisture Extraction Pattern Of CropsPDF Link
Crop Water RequirementPDF Link
Water Requirement For Different CropsPDF Link
Water Budgeting and its ImportancePDF Link
जल उपयोग दक्षताPDF Link
Agronomic Practices for Use of Problem WaterPDF Link
Water Management for Problem SoilsPDF Link
Water Management Technology Options for Non-Rice CropsPDF Link
Command Area DevelopmentPDF Link
Water Logging & Field DrainagePDF Link
Drip Irrigation & FertigationPDF Link
Sprinkler IrrigationPDF Link
Plastic Mulching For Crop ProductionPDF Link
Methods of Irrigation 1PDF Link
Methods of Irrigation 2PDF Link

और पढ़ें: फार्म या कृषि ऋण कैसे प्राप्त करें? व्याख्या

AGRO 301 – Field Crops IPDF Notes
 Importance, Area, Production and Productivity of Major CropsPDF Link
Wheat CropPDF Link
Barley CropPDF Link
Triticale CropPDF Link
Rabi PulsesPDF Link
Lentil CropPDF Link
Fieldpea CropPDF Link
French Bean CropPDF Link
Sunflower CropPDF Link
Safflower CropPDF Link
Linseed CropPDF Link
Area, Production, Productivity and Importance of Sugar cropsPDF Link
Sugarcane CropPDF Link
Tropical Sugarbeet CropPDF Link
Mint CropPDF Link
Lemongrass CropPDF Link
Citronella CropPDF Link
Palmarosa CropPDF Link
Isabgol CropPDF Link
Area, Production & Productivity of Tuber CropsPDF Link
Potato CropPDF Link
Area, Production & Productivity of Narcotic CropsPDF Link

यदि आपका कोई प्रश्न, विचार या सुझाव है तो कृपया नीचे टिप्पणी करें। आप फेसबुक, इंस्टाग्राम, कू और व्हाट्सएप मैसेंजर पर भी एग्रीकल्चर रिव्यू से जुड़ सकते हैं।

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