The U.S. Department of Agriculture led a nationwide agricultural initiative to combat climate change and support local farmers. Hawaii which is among 30 participating states, is receiving $6 million in grant money overseen by the Hawaii Ulu Cooperative & Nature Conservancy.


To reduce carbon emissions and enhance food sustainability, the USDA’s project is promoting agroforestry practices using non-invasive trees and crops to reduce carbon emissions and enhance food sustainability. Agroforestry is a practice of cultivating trees and crops together that complement each other for soil conservation, carbon sequestration, improved air and water quality, economic benefits, etc.

Farmers of Hawaii can increase their revenue by adopting agroforestry practices as it helps to increase water use and fertilizer use efficiency, pests and diseases management through diversification, increase pollination for better fruit production, etc. Moreover, they will also get a chance to sell forestry products produced on their land along with agricultural products.

Farmers who are interested in joining this project can visit the official HUC website to fill out the program application form and apply for this program. The last date to apply is 31 December 2023. Therefore, if you are interested, then do not forget to apply before the deadline.

Selected applicants will get technical training and assistance in design, planning, financial projections, and data analysis. Moreover, projects that will qualify for Category 1 Incentive Payments will be eligible for getting 75% of the total installation cost up-front with a transition incentive of $450 per acre that will be divided into three installments.

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