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GUIDE TO GARDENING is a series of articles from Agriculture Review, where you will get a chance to learn effective gardening methods for free. In these series, I will explain about beginners gardening to grow whatever you want. 

Why should I trust on Agriculture Review?

This question should come in every reader’s mind because trust is the main factor with appropriate knowledge and judgments. Well, Agriculture Review is founded by an educated graduate in Agriculture who himself has an experience of 10+ years of gardening and 2 years of Agriculture.

However, more than the time spent on the internet I have spent my time learning and applying things myself either from research books or from local Indian techniques. 

Over 30,000 people have got connected with me both directly and indirectly within months and now they are successfully growing their plants with the help of knowledge gained through articles on Agriculture Review

If you are new here then try reading the rest of our articles given in our website, implement it on your plants and tell me your results by commenting below. I will be happy to see the positive results in your garden.

If you want to know about any plant that is not given in my articles then send your queries by connecting with me on Facebook or you can also leave your comment here. I will try to respond within a week.

This is the first Part of Guide To Gardening. In this part, I will discuss basic Do’s and Dont’s in gardening with some other important points.

Agriculture Review’s Guide To Gardening

Let us imagine that you want to start adding plants in your home but you have zero experience on the growing methods of plants. No problem, you are at the right place. Here I will guide to take care of a few basic points before purchasing a new plant from the market.

You must have seen many plants and big trees growing in the wild without any human care. So growing a plant isn’t that tough. But to get effective results, it requires knowledge and wisdom on the plant requirements of sunlight, watering frequency, nutrient requirements, propagation, pruning, repotting, pest and disease management, etc.

In the wild, the fittest plant survives that receives all the required materials for life to continue but while growing them in a home under controlled human care you need to fulfill all of their requirements.

Do’s and Dont’s

I have seen many people doing these common mistakes in their garden that leads to the death of their plants. These mistakes are: 

Watering all plants in Equal Amount

This is the most common mistake that every beginner’s garden does in their garden. Without knowing the water needs of the specific plant they water every plant in equal amount and in some cases they also overwater their pot.

If you are also doing this mistake then stop this at this particular moment. Excessive watering can cause root rot in your plants and all the plants do not require water in an equal amount. 

Different species of plants need a different amount of water on the daily to weekly or even monthly basis. Like the water requirement of a snake plant is much lesser than a Hibiscus plant.

Sunlight Exposure

The second most common mistake is keeping every plant in direct sunlight or in indirect sunlight without knowing the plant sunlight requirements. Just like the water requirements, every specific plant requires sunlight for a fixed duration. 

Before placing your plant in direct or indirect sunlight, try to know about the duration of sunlight that is beneficial for your plant growth and development.

Fertilizer Requirements

Most of the people that are new to gardening find difficulty in deciding to choose a fertilizer for their plants. I prefer choosing organic fertilizer in case of gardening. However needs of every plant differ not only between two different species but also between different growth stages of the plant.

I mostly apply kitchen waste fertilizers, Vermicompost, or neem cake along with Banana peel fertilizers during flowering.

These are the most basic part of gardening. There are other important parts too that I will discuss in the next article on Guide To Gardening By Agriculture Review.

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