Ficus microcarpa commonly known as Green Island Ficus, Chinese Banyan, curtain fig, Hill’s weeping fig, Indian laurel fig, Indian-laurel, laurel fig, Malay banyan, fruit fig, etc. This plant is native from South China & Oceania Island. It is a easy to care for plant that can bring joy & peace to your garden.

Green Island Ficus is a slow growing plant, so you do not need to worry about constant pruning. It can survive on very little water. This garden beauty with its round shiny green leaves is a low maintenance plant that can save your time and work in the garden. This plant can be kept both in indoor as well as outdoor garden. But generally, it is grown as an indoor plant which adds beauty and value to your indoor house space.

How To Propagate Green Island Ficus?

Image by Engin Akyurt from Pixabay

Propagation: If you want to propagate it from cutting then take 3 to 5 inches long shoot tips cutting in spring. Dip bottom end of cuttings in rooting medium like IBA (Indole butyric acid) powder to induce roots. If you have no rooting medium there is no problem. The rooting medium increases the success rate to develop roots in cuttings.

Pot Size: Use 5 to 6 inches diameter garden container with drainage holes at the bottom end to develop seedlings.

Potting Mix: Prepare potting mix with 70% loamy soil+ 20% sand+ 10% coco peat in any desirable container with proper drainage holes. Pour  prepared mix into the garden container and water high before transplant cuttings.

Process: Wash shoot cuttings in low concentrate broad-spectrum fungicide. If you don’t have fungicide, wash it thoroughly in freshwater. Keep in mind that cuttings are taken from just 3 mm below the node where roots will develop.

Transplantation: Transplant it into the potting medium by making a hole with pencil tips. You can plant 3 to 4 cuttings in the container to develop seedlings

Do not cover it with transplant polythene but place your container under the semi-shade area. The cuttings will start rooting in 3 to 4 weeks. Maintain adequate moisture in the medium till leaves start growing the cuttings. When seedlings are well developed you should separate the new seedlings and transfer each seedling into 4-inch diameter garden containers.

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How To Care For Green Island Ficus?

Watering: It requires very little watering. Overwatering can damage your plants. Only apply water when top layer of soil dries completely.

Fertilizers: They are not heavy fertilizers & you do not need to add any fertilizers at all. But, if you wish then you can apply one handful of leaf compost once after every 90 days during active season.

Pruning: The size of the plant can be controlled by pruning. You can prune dead & diseased branches time to time to keep plant in healthy condition.

Pests & Diseases: Anthracnose disease is found on Green Island ficus. To manage rake, remove and destroy all fallen leaves, prune all dead or infected branches. Use broad-spectrum fungicide as spray.

Several insect pest attacks during summer. In such cases use 5% Neem oil and spray on plants every 15 days.

Caution: Do not keep this plant in the room having air conditioners or room heaters.

Importance of Green Island Ficus 

1. It is an excellent container plant and can even be shaped in bonsai.

2. It is suitable for an indoor plant.

3. The root bark and leaf latex are used medicinally to treat wounds, headaches, and liver trouble.

4. The latex is used for caulking boats and waterproofing.

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