A person who works on agricultural land without owning is called a landless farmer or a tenant farmer. A farmer is a person who operates a farm or is involved in cultivating land, crops, or livestock. Therefore, whether the person owns the land or not, if he or she cultivates crops or livestock, then is called a farmer. But, in particular, we can call a farmer who does not own the land a landless farmer or a tenant farmer.


Tenant farming is most common in England and Wales, here around a third of all farmland is managed by tenant farmers. A tenant farmer is a person who cultivates crops or livestock on a landowner’s land and pays rent for that land. In India, tenant farming is mostly practiced in states such as Andhra Pradesh (35.7%), Bihar (22.7%), Odisha (16.9%), Haryana (14.8%), West Bengal (14.7%) and Tamil Nadu (13.5%).

Some other prominent countries with the highest number of tenant farmers are the United States of America and Japan. About half of farmland in the United States is rented by owners to tenant farmers. In all the places tenant farmers may or may not be eligible for loans and subsidies according to the law of the country.

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