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This ultimate guide on how to grow giloy plant will help you to grow and care for giloy plant. You need to follow simple and easy guide that I am going to share with you in this article. However, growing giloy plant is very easy.


Giloy Plant also known as Heart-leaved Moonseed, Guduchi is a herbaceous vine that grows very well in tropical regions. This vine is native to India. Moreover giloy plant has great medicinal importance according to Ayurveda.

Although modern scientist doesn’t seems to be completely satisfied about the medicinal benefits of this plant. But many people in India and many parts of the world use giloy as a traditional medicines. They use it to treat chronic fever, boost immunity, diabetes, improve digestion, reduce stress and anxiety, treat arthritis, fight respiratory problems, improve vision, etc.

Lots of people have found it useful and a good medicinal plant to heal themselves from many diseases. However, they also feel consuming it safe because it is natural and obtained directly from mother earth.

In wild this plant grows as a climber on trees like mango, neem, etc. It spreads very quickly in summer and sheds all of the leaves on the branches in winter. Leaves start growing back again once the winter season is over. 

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How To grow Giloy?

To grow giloy plant you need to know growing season, potting mix, pot selection and propagation method. This will help you in the beginning of growing giloy. Whether you bring a cutting or a sapling you are going to get successful in propagating them.

Growing Season

Spring to summer season is the best time to grow this plant. If you are interested to grow vines and give your garden an amazing luscious green look then growing this plant will be a very good choice.

Potting Mix

Prepare potting mix with 50% normal garden soil + 30% any organic compost + 10% river sand or coco peat. Mix it well and pour this in the medium sized growing container with at least 3 to 4 drainage holes at the bottom.

Selection Of Pot

To grow this plant you can select a medium sized earthen pot with 3 to 4 good drainage holes at the bottom of the pot. It is a vine plant so growing it directly in ground soil is ideal but if you don’t have space you can grow them in pot.

Remember this vine spreads quickly so you will need to provide support with sticks and trellis.


Growing giloy plant is very easy. You can either directly purchase the plant from the nearest plant nursery or you can grow this plant from cuttings. 

How To Grow Giloy From Cutting?

To grow this plant from cutting take stem cutting of 30 cm in length. Make the cut at 45 degrees angle at the bottom of the cutting.

Dip this cutting in the rooting hormones like IBA. In a small growing container with good drainage holes pour potting mix made by mixing 60% normal garden soil + 40% river sand or cocopeat.  

Place the bottom end of cutting in the growing container properly and apply water in the container. Do not apply excess water. 

Once you have applied the water cover the complete setup with an empty plastic bottle or transparent polythene if the temperature is very hot or during rains. In normal condition you do not need to cover the growing setup.

If the temperature is too high and soil is drying very fast then maintain adequate moisture by applying water gently but do not over water. Over watering can damage your cutting. 

After few days you will notice leaves coming out of your cuttings.


If you have brought the plant from the nursery or you have grown it yourself from cuttings you can transplant this plant in your garden by using the prepared potting mix. 

Take out the plant from the small container gently without disturbing the roots of the plant. Dig a hole in the centre of the pot enough to fit the roots in it. 

Place your plant with root portion in the hole and cover the base with potting mix. Press gently around the base of the plant to fix it properly in the soil and apply water in the pot.

Keep the pot in semi shade for 10 to 15 days for proper establishment of plant in the new pot. Maintain appropriate amount of water in the pot. Water only when the top layer of soil seems dry.

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Giloy Plant, Image by Tanuj Handa from Pixabay

Giloy Plant Care

Once you are successful in growing giloy plant. Then you need to care for your plant to keep it healthy. Caring about sunlight, watering, fertilizers, etc. helps to keep the plant in good condition. Ignoring these important points can lead to poor health of the plant.


Giloy can grow very easily in 5 to 6 hours of daily sunlight. If the temperature is too hot then try to provide shade when the plant is very small. Once your plants has matured it can survive very high temperature in tropical regions. 


You can apply water in the pot whenever you notice top layer of soil drying. Apply a moderate amount of water in the evening daily in hot summer. If it rains then avoid watering and ensure good drainage in the pot.

During winter you can water once after every 3 days. In natural condition it is dependent on rains so if you are growing in soil then water only when the soil seems very dry.


Do not apply any kind of inorganic fertilizer to this plant. Apply a handful of organic manure like vermicompost, Kitchen waste compost,green manure or FYM once in a month by spreading it around the base of the plant.  

Before applying the compost dig a small portion of soil around the base of the plant with the help of khurpi or any gardening tool. After applying the compost just apply water in the pot gently.     

This plant doesn’t get affected from any harmful pest and diseases. That’s why it is quite easy to grow and care for. I will suggest that if you are a beginner then you must try to grow this medicinal plant.   It will not only bring greenery in your home but also health benefits.

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Giloy Benefits

This plant has many medicinal benefits according to Ayurveda. Here are the main benefits of this amazing plant.

  • Helps to treat Diabetes
  • Acts as a immunity booster
  • It can improve digestion
  • Purifies Blood
  • Improve your vision
  • It have anti-aging properties
  • Treat chronic Fever
  • Gives relief in Joint pains

Drinking Giloy juice daily can help you to stay fit and healthy.

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