10 reasons why you should start growing plants

Have you ever wondered what we have done in the past? The great loss from which the nature is still suffering. The land of the apartment or home in which you are living was once filled with dense forest

The thing we called development in old days was truly a disaster. We started cutting down forest, destroying wildlife and nature only for our benefits. We constructed buildings, corporate offices, factories, etc. by destroying the natural environment.

In those days when industrialisation started people noticed the hazardous effects of chemicals but no one took the courage to stop them. Everyone started supporting the growth of industries even if most of them caused harmful effects in the natural environment.

I’m not against development, I like the vision of Mr. Elon Musk ( C.E.O. of SpaceX ) on thinking and working to develop solar projects and electric vehicles to reduce the pollution. But development doesn’t mean to destroy something completely.

In the year 2020, people have started realising the benefits of fresh air and the hazardous effects of pollution. Cities like New Delhi, Kanpur, Faridabad, Gaya, Doha, Bemenda, etc. are worst hit by pollution. Air pollution is responsible for heart disease, lung dance, respiratory diseases like emphysema.

Some researchers believe that it can cause birth defects. It can also cause long term damage to people’s nerves, brain, kidneys, liver, and other organs.   

But can we reverse the whole process that happened in the past? The answer is NO, we can’t reverse it and we were not able to think clearly at that period of time about sustainable development. 

We did that was needed to be done for the development and well being of our civilization. We may have committed mistakes but now is the time to repay or the future can be deadly. 

In this article I will discuss “10 reasons why you should start growing plants.”

10 reasons why you should start growing plants

1. We are responsible for cutting down forest for constructing our homes, because of our activities uncountable creatures lost their homes. We can’t fulfil the void completely but at least growing a plant in our home garden or anywhere else will help to reduce the loss.

2. When we start growing plants whether directly in soil or in pots then we do not only grow plants but we also provide a beautiful home to many creatures. Few plants even attracts pollinators such as honey bees, butterflies, etc. that make our environment divine.

3. Plants have proved to be stress buster, most of the people in today’s era don’t find a true loyal friend in their life, for them plant is a great available true trustworthy friend. They can express their feelings, mistakes, love, care and joy without any hesitation.  

Also in the process of growing plants many people come across with people having similar ideology and positive mind to help each other in growing plants without any feeling of competition and superiority. 

4. NASA listed the names of the plants that are amazing air purifiers and filters hazardous chemicals from the air that can cause cancer, lung diseases, etc. For a person living in urban cities growing a plant should not be hobby but a necessity.

Growing plants that can purify air will protect you and your family from many health related issues. If you are living in city and reading this article then realise the importance of having a plant in your home and start growing plants for the betterment of you and your family.

5. Growing plants in home can supply good amount of oxygen in air, few plants such as pothos, aloe vera, snake plants, holy basil can supply a good amount of oxygen most of the time. Growing these plants will create a positive atmosphere in your home.

6. Growing vegetable plants like bottle gourds, ridge gourds, capsicum, etc. organically or through well controlled scientific method will help you by saving from the hazardous effects of pesticides and chemicals that are being used in the market vegetables.

Excessive use of inorganic fertilizer and pesticides is also responsible for the rise in cancer and diabetes cases across the world. 

People consider growing vegetables a very a hard job but if you can start growing vegetables like cauliflower, cabbage, potatoes, eggplant, etc. in medium to large sized grow bags then you will find it quite interesting and exciting activity to perform.

7. Growing a plant develops ethics in a person. It will make you more humble, caring and respectful towards nature that is needed in our society. A person with these quality remains happy and energetic most of the time. 

8. Plants are the great source of motivation, they teaches us to with stand in difficult times. Whether a branch is cut or the plant is bend down from the winds it stands again and keeps growing. Seeing a plant growing in front of your eyes will fill you with motivation.

9. Growing a plant makes you self sufficient, when you start having plants in their garden and caring for them then a divine connection starts to build up between you and your plants. People start making their own compost from kitchen waste and gets involved in doing so many other activities. 

This makes them healthy, saves their money and on a larger scale reduces carbon footprint.   

10. The tenth reason is an overall conclusion on plants, I may not be able to cover the feelings in my words but the time has come when we should start by growing more and more plants to save this beautiful environment. 

Let’s start it from today, grow a plant, care for a plant and multiply this process as many times as you can. It will fulfil your life with unlimited gifts and happiness.  

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