Only in the United States, around 55% of households have a backyard or a terrace garden. However, it is among the top 3 gardening countries in the world, but the love and craze of gardening is also increasing in developing nations such as India, Phillippines, Vietnam, etc.

Actually people can’t resist the charm of plants or you can say nature, we humans have lived in forests for so long, and recently within a span of 100 to 200 years, due to industrialization and globalization, major cities developed rapidly and people migrated to the urban cities from beautiful rural areas in search of jobs and money.

But, in the meanwhile, they lost nature, inner peace, physical health and self-satisfaction. That’s why even after migrating to the urban cities made up of concrete buildings, people can’t hold back their passion and love for plants, hence they started growing plants in a limited space with whatever tools and equipment available to fill that void in their life.

The activity involved growing various kinds of horticultural plants such as flowers, fruits, vegetables, landscaping, etc. to enhance the overall appearance and fulfill the basic needs of the households regarded as gardening.

Benefits Of Gardening As A Hobby


Here are common benefits of gardening as a hobby for people living on this beautiful planet.

  1. Nature’s Bliss: The most common benefit of gardening is that it reconnects you with nature. Growing plants helps you to create a mini green space in your home where you can spend your quality time looking at many lively plants growing.
  1. Stress Reduction: People living in cities spend their days working at a corporate office, or doing some business which is tiring and stressful. Hence, spending time with your plants and inhaling fresh air helps to reduce stress levels.
  1. Physical Health: Not all people can go to the gym daily in urban cities, but they can practice gardening activities such as sowing, digging, planting, pruning, etc. which requires physical labor, hence helping to improve flexibility, strength and cardiovascular health.
  1. Mental Health: Gardening not only improves our physical health but it also helps to improve our mental health. Gardening reduces stress levels, anxiety and depression and provides a sense of accomplishment, which is why helps us to improve mental health.
  1. Creativity: When you start gardening, gradually you start becoming creative. You find ways to decorate your garden, color your pots, and arrange your plants that increase your overall creativity.
  1. Organic & Nutrient Rich Produce: The vegetables or fruits that you are buying from the market are loaded with chemical fertilizers and pesticides that can be unhealthy for your community. Therefore, you can grow your organic fruits and vegetables in your garden to get the benefits of organic produce.
  1. Education: Gardening enhances your knowledge. Apart from being an expert in your subjects, you also get to learn about plant life, pests, diseases, growing technology, etc. hence your knowledge about green life increases. Most people get to know that plant not only requires water to grow but also needs nutrients, and treatments to grow.
  1. Community Building: Gardening is a social activity, people who grow plants often get connected with people with similar interests to discuss plants, hence it helps to build a community of like-minded people.
  1. Environment: By growing plants in your garden, you promote a sustainable and healthy environment. Composting, using organic methods, and recycling kitchen waste help to create a sustainable environment.
  1. Clean Air: Plant lovers can grow air-purifying plants such as snake plants, pothos, areca palms, etc. that help to purify indoor air and improve air quality.

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