Broilers are chicken breeds that are raised for meat production while layers are chicken breeds raised for egg production. Broiler poultry bird breeds such as Cobb, Hubbard, Lohman, Anak 2000, Avian -34, Starbra, Sam rat, etc. yield more meat than layers poultry bird breeds, that’s why they are domesticated for meat production.


Layer poultry bird breeds such as BV-300, Bowans, Hyline, H & N Nick, Dekalb Lohman etc. yield large-sized eggs in higher numbers than broilers. That’s why in poultry it is profitable to select the breed according to the purpose of the farmer and the market demand.

To raise layers and broilers, farmers need to practice common management practices such as breeding, brooding, shelter, feeding, sanitization, waste management, etc. but, there are several differences in the management of broilers and layers.

Differences Between Broilers And Layers And In Their Management

PurposeRaised for meat production.Raised for egg production.
Growth RateGets ready for harvest within five to six weeks of age. Starts laying eggs from five months (20-21 weeks) of age.
DietBroilers need protein and fat rich diet for rapid muscle development.Layers need balanced diet with good calcium content.
LightingBroilers do not have specific lighting requirements to produce meat. Layers need at least 14 to 16 hours of light to start producing eggs.
HousingBroilers need less space as compared to layers. Layers need more space and lighting as compared to broilers.
ExamplesCobb, Hubbard, Lohman, Anak 2000, Avian -34, Starbra, Sam rat, etc.BV-300, Bowans, Hyline, H & N nick, Dekalb Lohman, etc.

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