This ultimate guide on sanjeevak, its preparation and uses will help you to understand everything about this organic fertilizer. Sanjeevak helps in enhancing the microbial activities in the soil. Moreover, it is completely organic. And is an ancient, indigenous scientific method to enhance the fertility of the soil.

Whether you are a farmer or a gardener, you can easily prepare and use this awesome organic fertilizer. This will not only help you to grow organic food but it will also connect you with the mother nature.

Benefits of Sanjeevak

The use and benefit of using sanjeevak is similar to jeevamrit, or waste decomposer. But, it does not act as bio-pesticide. It only enhances the microbial activity in the soil. These microbes helps in decomposing waste material.

And hence the soil fertility increases. So whether you are a farmer or a gardener, you can use this soil fertility enhancer before or after sowing of seeds. So let’ now know about ingredients and the process to prepare this fertilizer.


You will need the following ingredients to prepare this organic fertilizer.

Cow Dung (Fresh)30 Kilograms
Cow Urine (Fresh)3 Litres
Jaggery or Gur500 Grams
Water100 Litres
Source: NCOF

After collecting the following ingredients, you will need to follow the step by step procedure to prepare this organic fertilizer.


Mix cow dung, cow urine, jaggery, and water in a plastic drum with the help of a wooden stick. Keep this solution under shade for 10 days for fermentation process. Make sure to cover the opening with any cloth or lid to stop contamination.

After 10 days the solution can be used for farming or gardening purpose. If the cow dung is not available then you can use buffalo dung and urine. But, prefer to use cow products. You can use and keep this solution for 10 to 15 days.

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Usage And Application

For using this solution, dilute it with 20 parts of water and 1 part of this solution. Moreover, you can use sanjeevak in the form of foliar spray or in drip irrigation. I am also going to share the recommended application doze with you all.

Number of SprayTime of Application
First SprayBefore sowing of seeds
Second Spray20 days after sowing of seeds
Third Spray45 days after sowing of seeds
Sanjeevak Application Table

Author’s Note

I hope you are now confident about preparation and usage of sanjeevak. However, if you have any query then you can tell me by commenting below. You can also connect with Agriculture Review on Facebook and Instagram.

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