Hey there, Panchgavya is an organic pesticides that is a mixture of five cow products and other natural ingredients. This fermented mixture can increase the fertility of the soil as well as helps in pest and disease control.

However, you can use panchgavya mainly for the purpose of pest control. Especially if you are a farmer and you want to save your crop from loses caused by pest then this organic pesticide is a magical potion for you.

The name “panchgavya” is used because this organic pesticide is made up of five products of cow. These cow products are cow dung, cow urine, milk, curd, and ghee. But, few other materials are also added to enhance the quality.

Why to trust Panchgavya?

Well, I am not the only one recognizing this magical organic fertilizers for plants. There are many reputed institutes like Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, National Centre of Biotechnology Information, Research Gate, and even Wikipedia have shared benefits of using this organic product.

Moreover, this is not a new product. Farmers in India were using this organic fertilizer and pesticide. But foreign invasions caused damage to the knowledge and useful practices in farming community of India.

However, at present many of the reputed institutions have again started to aware farmers and gardeners across the globe about this beneficial product. And I must say that you can also try to use this organic product and see the benefits yourself.

In this article, I will tell you about how you can prepare panchgavya, and benefits of using this organic pesticide and fertilizer.

How to prepare panchgavya?

You can prepare this organic pesticide in a mud pot, plastic container, or cemented tank that have wide mouth opening. To prepare this organic pesticide you will needs to have following materials:


For Farming Purpose

Fresh Cow Dung5 to 6 Kg
Fresh Cow Urine3 litres
Milk (Cow)2 litres (Boiled and cooled)
Curd (Cow)2 Kg
Ghee(Cow)1 litres
Coconut Water3 litres
Jaggery1 Kg
Ripened Banana12 Nos
Water3 litres
Materials required for panchgavya preparation

Solid Mixture: Mix cow dung and ghee together in a container and keep it under shade.

Liquid Mixture: In another container mix cow urine, coconut water, milk separately. Add jaggery dissolved in water, peeled and mashed bananas in the container having cow urine, milk, etc.

Cover both of the container with a cloth or net to prevent it from any microbial contamination. Keep stirring liquid mixture every day in mornings and evenings with the help of a wooden stick. Stir 12 times clockwise and 12 times anti clockwise.

After 3 to 4 days mix both liquid and solid mixture in a container. Keep stirring this mixture twice in a day for 10 days. Do not forget to cover the container with net or cloth properly after stirring the mixture daily.

After 10 days strain this mixture in a container. You can use this strained liquid solution for 15 to 20 days in your field. This will enhance the crop productivity and will help to increase plant immunity.

For Gardening Purpose

If you are a gardener then too you can use and prepare this organic pesticide for your garden. All the process is same but there will be little bit change in the quantity of the materials required. You can take 1 Kg fresh cow dung, 600 ml cow urine, 400 ml milk, 400 ml curd, and 100 grams ghee.

Other than cow products you have to take 600 ml coconut water, 400 ml water, 3 Nos. Banana, and 150 grams jaggery. In place of jaggery you can also use 600 ml sugar cane juice.

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Chemical and Biological Properties of Panchgavya

According to a research by Tamil Nadu Agriculture University this natural fertilizer and pesticides have lots of beneficial microbes, plant hormones, macro & micro nutrients, etc. that helps in the overall growth of a plant.

Microbial Load

Acid Formers360/ml
Source: TNAU

Chemical Composition

Nitrogen (ppm)229
Phosphorus (ppm)209
Potassium (ppm)232
Sodium (ppm)90
Calcium (ppm)25
IAA (ppm)8.5
GA (ppm)3.5
EC dSm210.22
Chemical composition of panchgavya

Panchgavya benefits

How to use panchgavya?

You can use this organic pesticide through many different ways. The first and the most simple way is to use it as a foliar spray. Mix 3 litres of panchgavya in 100 litres of water and spray it on your crop. In general 3% solution is considered ideal.

In 10 litres of water 300 ml of the panchgavya is required. You can also mix this organic pesticides in irrigation water. You can add 50 litres of solution per hectare through flow or drip irrigation.

Moreover, you can also use them for treatment of seeds or seedlings. Soak the seeds in 3% solution for 20 minutes before sowing. It will help to increase germination rate and protect the seeds from seed borne diseases.

You can also use this for seed storage. Dip the seeds in 3% solution before drying and storing.

Application Interval

Researchers of TNAU have recommended fixed intervals at which you can apply this organic pesticides for best results. I am going to share that recommended table with you. You can follow this periodicity for better results.

Pre Flowering PhaseApply once within 15 days, spray twice before flowering stage.
Flowering and Pod Setting StageApply once within 10 days, total two sprays.
Fruit or Pod Maturation StageApply once during pod maturation
Source: TNAU

This is the general recommendation that you can follow. However, for different types of crops such as rice, black grams, tomato, onion, rose, etc. the recommended periodicity can vary a little bit. But this is the general recommendation.

Benefits and Effects of Panchgavya

Use of this organic pesticide and fertilizer increases leaf size and side branches. Increased leaf size results in denser canopy. Hence, it increases the biological efficiency of the plant by increasing respiration rate.

More branching means increased fruit setting ability of the plant. Hence, the overall yield increases. Moreover, it also increases roots formation in plants. Roots become healthy and grows deep in the soil. Because of this they can transport good amount of water and minerals from the soil to the plants.

Using panchgavya periodically can also save your plants from many pest and diseases infestation. In traditional medicine it is always said that Prevention is always better than cure. And to prove this true, you can start using panchgavya.

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