Organic Vermicompost For Plants | Useful For All Type Of Plants | 900 Grams Pack

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  • Vermicompost contains NKP (nitrogen 2-3%, potassium 1.85-2.25%, and phosphorus 1.55-2.25%) and important micronutrients.
  • The organic carbon content in vermicompost is around 18.83-36.01%, and it also contains natural plant growth hormones and enzymes.
  • It can be used as an organic fertilizer to improve soil fertility and enhance plant growth.
  • You can also use it to prepare nutrient rich potting mixes for your plants.

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This item: Organic Vermicompost For Plants | Useful For All Type Of Plants | 900 Grams Pack
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Vermicompost, also known as worm castings, is an organic compost that is the product of the decomposition process in which the selected species of earthworms convert the organic waste into decomposed, nutrient-rich material that can be used to fertilize plants. It helps to improve soil fertility, plant growth, and microbial enzymatic activities in the soil. Due to the use of this organic compost in the soil, not only does the does the plant grow optimally, but in the long term, it also helps to improve soil structure, aeration, drainage, and microbial activity, which results in an increase in the overall fertility of the soil.

Moreover, as vermicompost is a bulky organic manure, it can be used to fertilize almost every plant on this planet. It is also one of the safest organic fertilizers, as it has no toxic effects on plants until and unless applied in too much bulk quantity to a single plant. You can use vermicompost to fertilize houseplants, flowering plants, fruiting plants, vegetables, herbs, cacti, and even succulents. Follow these guidelines to get the best results from this amazing organic compost.


How To Use Vermicompost?

Take one to two handfuls of vermicompost and apply it around the base of your plant. If possible, then dig around the plant, then apply and mix the compost with the top layer of the soil. Water your plant evenly after fertilizing it. Repeat this process once every 2 to 30 days, depending on the type of plant. You can also mix this compost with soil, sand, cocopeat, or perlite to prepare potting mixes for plants.

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