American farming game based on the Iowa landscape and developed by SquadBuilt Inc. has been released on 24 November, 2023 for Android and iOS. To experience a realistic agricultural landscape, hog barns, feedlots, farrowing pens, and pastures you can install this game from the Play Store on Android and the App Store app on the Apple iPhone.

American Farming Game Features

Pic Credit: SquadBuilt Inc.

This newly released farming game has amazing features for you. As a user you can experience,

  1. You can choose from over 70 vehicles and implements and customize tractors.
  1. Five farmsteads.
  1. Livestock life cycle, raising piglets to hogs, and dairy farms.
  1. Advanced character customization with over 35 different clothing options, hairstyles, and hair color.
  1. Farmlands based on American maps.
  1. Cultivate corn, soybeans and wheat on farmlands, and apply liquid fertilizers and solid manures in the field.
  1. Practice crop rotation to realize fertilizer optimization.

This game comes with realistic AI workers, full controller support, tilt control, and a tutorial with a help menu. It will take a total disk space of only 505 MB with a memorable gaming experience. Therefore, to learn and experience the joy of farming in America, install this game today from your App Store.

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