फुरक्रेआ फोटिडा is a type of succulent shrubs. Botanically it is a species of angiosperm native to the Caribbean and Northern South America. it is widely cultivated and reportedly naturalized in many places like India, part of South Africa, Portugal, Australia, Thailand, Florida, and many oceanic islands.

Furcarea is a perennial subshrub; stemless up to 1 meter tall. The leaves are sword-shaped, 1-1.8 m long and 10-15 cm broad at their widest point, narrowing to 6-7 cm broad at the leaf base and to a pointy spine tip at the apex.

The variegated variety green with yellow, the leaves are fleshy, leaves grow in rosettes structure. The flowers are creamy-white 4cm long and strongly scented. They are producing a large inflorescence up to 7.5 m tall.

The plant is cultivated in subtropical and tropical regions for products and as an ornamental plant for gardens.

How To Grow & Care Mauritius Hemp?

प्रसार के तरीके

To grow this plant you can purchase seedlings from any nursery or propagate from bulbs. These Bulbs appear at the base of the plant. These small bulbs can be collected and replanted in fresh containers.

मिट्टी का मिश्रण

Prepare potting mix by mixing 60% soil + 20% coco peat + 20% sand or take any well-drained potting medium. Mix them thoroughly, take care that the soil you are using is free from pests and diseases.

सूरज की रोशनी

Place your pot in the area receiving partial to full sunlight. Best place is where your Mauritius hemp plant can receive direct sunlight. This plant loves sunlight to grow and perform well.


Use pot as per the size of seedling. Pot should have a good drainage system with at least 2-3 holes.

It is a semi-succulent type plant so water your plant moderately. Next watering will be done when the potting mix becomes completely dry. Mauritius hemp can tolerate drought due to its large root system.

Waterlogging in the pot can be lethal to plantHowever the frequency of watering the pot could be increased at the time of blooming in summer.


After transplantation just feed one teaspoon bone-meal in a month. It promotes vegetative growth. Spread bone-meal on the potting mix. Do not mix bone-meal with soil. Fertilizer leaches down slowly when water is applied in the pot.

Avoid applying fertilizer in the rainy and winter season. It may infect your plant by root or stem rot.

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mauritius hemp plant,
Mauritius hemp plant, Image by Bishnu Sarangi from पिक्साबे

Mauritius Hemp Care Guide

  • Keep removing dead or damaged leaves as per the condition of the plant.
  • Change your pot as per the growth of the plant. Before repotting, the potting mix should be dry.
  • Remove plant gently from its pot and knock away old soil and dead roots while repotting.

Pests and Care

Clean leaves with a fresh cotton cloth to get rid of the infection of aphids और mealybug. Some time infections occur during the rainy and winter season. In these seasons plant is at risk of root and stem rot caused by fungal infection. In such cases spray any broad-spectrum fungicide.

You can also use Neem Oil Spray.” 

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