flowering plants that attract pollinators

Pollinators such as honey bees, butterflies, flower beetles, etc. are not only attractive and beautiful but they are also an important part of your garden. Many of the gardeners grow various vegetable to fruit plants like Capsicum or Tomato. 

You must have grown such plants. The most common problem faced nowadays in urban gardening is the flower drop mainly because of poor pollination. In metro cities or even small towns due to pollution and other reasons like absence of lush green environment many creatures migrated towards the jungle.

In the jungle everything happens naturally from growth of a plant to transfer of pollen grains from anther to the stigma. But your home or building in which you are living is not so natural. 

It is an artificial human made construction that have boundaries with zero or less plants that attracts honey bees or butterflies.

Also due to large buildings in the cities wind speed get reduced due to which the probability for natural pollination to happen decreases. But don’t worry I am here to guide you to attract beautiful pollinators in your garden.

By growing these flowering plants in your garden you can attract  pollinators like butterflies and honey bees in your garden.

1. Zinnia


They are annual flowering plants that is quite easy to grow, if you are a beginner then too you can try to grow this plant. ज़िनिया is available in variety of colours. They grows from spring to late summer.

You can directly sow the seeds of zinnia in the early spring season in a medium sized earthen pot. Once it flowers, collect the seeds from them for the next season. This plant requires bright sunlight and adequate moisture with good drainage in the pot to grow.

You can feed your plant with a handful of organic compost like vermicompost once in every month. For enhanced and better blooming you can also apply banana peel fertilizer during flowering stage of the plant.

2. Basil

Easy to grow and care with so many medicinal benefits these plant are also known to attract pollinators in the garden. बेज़िल is a herb that grows well in tropical regions and are used for cuisines. There are many varieties of basil. Sweet basil, Thai basil, Lemon basil and Holy basil are common.

They can be perennial as well as annuals depending on the variety. In India holy basil is grown in nearly every house because of spiritual believes. 

If you are a beginner then you can start by growing this plant. It doesn’t require much care and grows very well. If you grow one plant then it will spread very fast in your garden.


3. Madagascar Periwinkle

Another very easy to care and grow for plant that attracts honeybees and butterflies are Madagascar periwinkle flowering plant. It is commonly known as Baramasi या Sadabahar plant in India.

A single plant produces lots of flower that attract pollinators in the garden. This plant have medicinal values too and is used to treat cancer, diabetes, etc.

It is a perennial plant however in northern regions of the world this plant survives only for one year but if you are living in tropical regions then this plant will grow and flower for longer duration.

Wild varieties can survive rain very easily but hybrid varieties plant generally dies due to water logging condition in the pot due to heavy rain. If you are growing the hybrid variety then protect them from rain. 

Once you have added these beautiful plants in your garden you will notice them spreading them very fast in your garden. Just keep them in bright sunlight, water them moderately and feed once in a month with vermicompost.

Grow these plants in your garden and they will attract pollinators in your garden. You will notice increase fruiting once beautiful small creatures start visiting your plants.

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