Are you also worried about ants in your garden and home? If your answer is yes then read this article completely. In the garden, we plant a lot of fruits, flowers, and vegetables, but sometimes the ants spoil them, which reduces the beauty of the garden.

Although you can control ants in many ways, but mainly people are not able to decide which method whether organic or inorganic to adopt. I consider nature to be my first priority.

First of all, whenever I find any insects in my plants, I adopt the organic method, if they are not controlled then only then I think it is right to adopt the inorganic methods.

However, this happens many times when we are not able to notice that for a long time ants have started ruining our plants. In this condition, saving the plants becomes almost nil.  

It is necessary that you keep taking care of your plants continuously so that treatment can be done in time.

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Ants In Plants, Image by Sandeep Handa from पिक्साबे

Recently I have also planted brinjal plants in which fruits have started coming up, but in some plants, these tiny creatures have started destroying foliar parts.

Due to this, my plants started becoming weak, but then I adopted these measures so that it was possible to remove the ant problem without damaging the plant.

How To Protect Plants From Ants?

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Organic Method

  • Take one to two pinches of asafoetida ( Hing powder ) from your kitchen and mix half a lid of Dettol or any similar antiseptic liquid in it. After mixing it, add 100 ml of water to it and stir it well for some time and prepare the solution. Mix this mixture until its colour is completely white.

  • Now fill this solution in a spray bottle and spray it wherever there are ants. You will find that they will leave that place very soon. This method has many beneficial advantages, such as one, your ant problem will be removed, and secondly, you will save your plants from them without harming those small creatures.

  • Prepare this solution at any time and whenever you notice ants spray it on them.

You can also use neem oil spray to control ants and other pests but using neem oil requires patience and knowledge. Before applying neem oil spray never forget to do a patch test to check any side effects on the foliar parts of your plants.

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Inorganic Method

If after trying organic method you still notice ants in your garden destroying the plants then adopt this method.

  • Purchase Coopex dust Insecticidal powder either from the nearest plant store or general stores or from online stores. They are available in the market with different brand names mainly as insect killing powder. However chemical composition is the same.
  • Sprinkle the powder in areas where you notice ants and in the bottom region below your pots to control ants.

Try these ways to save your plants from ants and tell me your response by commenting below. Feel free to connect with me on Facebook. You can find my Page and group by searching the एग्रीकल्चर रिव्यू.

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