This ultimate guide on 9 0 clock flowering plant और portulaca care will help you to grow and care for your portulaca plant. Get heavy blooming in your 9 0 clock flowering plant by following this guide.


Portulaca grandiflora is a flowering plant. It is in the family Portulacaceae. 9 O’ Clock plant is native to Argentina, southern Brazil, and Uruguay.  Other common names of portulaca are Rose moss, 9 0 clock, Mexican Rose, Sun rose, Rock Rose, Vietnam Rose, and Moss-Rose Purslane.

It is a small plant which grows very fast. 9 o clock is an annual plant growing to 30 cm tall. The leaves are thick and fleshy up to 2.5 cm long arrange alternate or in small clusters.   

There is a huge variation in the colour of portulaca flowers. They are available in many colours such as Red, Orange, Yellow, White, etc. And Other Pastel colours that come in single, semi-double, and double forms.

It is widely grown in temperate climates. Mostly it is grown as an ornamental plant for annual bedding or as a container plant.

portulaca care, 9 0 clock flowering plant, portulaca
Portulaca or 9 0 Clock Flowering Plant, Image by BarBus from पिक्साबे

How To Grow 9 0 Clock Plant?

To grow 9 0 clock plant, knowing about growing season, potting mix, pot selection, and propagation method is very necessary. This will help in getting successful in initial days of growing 9 0 Clock plant.


However, you can plant and propagate portulaca during any season except winter but the best time to propagate is in spring season. You can also grow this plant in June and July.     

गमले का चयन

If you want to grow in a container, choose a container of basket types. You can also select small to medium size containers. 

Use 4-6 inches diameter basket type garden container for developing new seedlings. 

Growing containers should have a good drainage system with 2-3 holes. Now place your container where it can receive at least 6 – 8 hours direct sunlight. 

You may keep your pot indoors in the southeast direction of the living room or hall where at least 4-5 our direct sunlight is available.     

प्रसार के तरीके

You can purchase seedlings or seeds from the nearest nursery or online. You can also propagate by cutting or by seed germination. It is considered best to propagate portulaca from cutting.

By Cutting

If you want to propagate 9 o clock plant by cutting, simply cut shoots tip 3-5 inches long. You can take several cuttings from one plant without damaging the mother plant.

Take cutting in spring for ideal growth or any season by using a clean sharp blade. Now clear all flowers and buds from the cuttings.

The bottom leaves that may come in contact with the planting media should also be removed. Wash cutting shoots with dilute broad-spectrum fungicide.

After washing to keep the cutting viable, it is considered best to put them in a bucket of water until you are ready to plant them.

Use potting mix with 30% coco peat + 50 % soil + 15% sand +5% compost.

Now transplant cutting end in the pot by making holes, 1 to 2 inches apart in the planting media. 

Press the potting mix by hand to plant the cutting ends in potting medium and water it gently. 

Place your pots under the semi-shade area till roots well develop. Maintain regular soil moisture; don’t water again until the top layer of the soil becomes dry.

Rooting will generally occur within 1-2 weeks.

By Seed Germination

For germination, you should purchase 9 o clock seeds from trusted or certified seed suppliers. You can germinate it in a germination tray or by making a germination bed in your garden.

To make a germination bed chose a location in full sunlight in a well-drained area. Prepare the soil by digging into the planting bed 4-6 inches deep 

Add a one-inch layer of organic compost and a 2-inch layer of sand and mix with existing topsoil. After mixing, level the bed smoothly and scatter a thin layer of seeds on the top of the soil.

Now water the soil bed with a fine mist until it is moist but not soggy.

If you want to germinate it in a germination tray then fill the seedling cells with germinating potting mix and pour a pinch of seeds into each germination cell. After it moist the medium gently with water. 

Place the germination tray near a sun-facing window.

Water the Portulaca sparingly but deeply once a week should be sufficient. These plants are susceptible to root rot, so do not overwater.

Seeds will germinate in 10 to 15 days. 



portulaca care, 9 0 clock flowering plant, how to care for portulaca

Portulaca Care Guide

To car for portulaca plant, knowing about sunlight, watering, fertilizers, etc. really helps a lot. Many gardeners often fails at providing adequate care due to lack of knowledge. This results in poor health of the plant.

सूरज की रोशनी

9 o clock plant needs six to eight hours of full sun to reach their potential. If you want to grow in a shady area, they will pout and close up their flowers.

The flowers do not open on cloudy or rainy days and close up from sundown to sun up.    Do not keep this plant in shady areas where sunlight is not available.    


You do not need to water very often for proper care of portulaca plant. The cylindrical foliage of the plant retains moisture very well. However keep the soil moist constantly. Provide just a light watering to moist the soil, do not overwater.

In peak summer seasons water the 9 o clock plants twice in a day. You should let the soil dry before watering the soil again. Keep in mind that water logging in container may infect your roots.

portulaca care, how to grow portulaca, 9 0 clock plant
Portulaca flower, Image by Anh Nhi Đỗ Lê from पिक्साबे


To established your young 9 o clock plants use balanced NPK (5:10:10) liquid fertilizer once after every 30 day. Or Use bone dust/dry cow dung powder one teaspoon every three months.

Don’t over-fertilize it may be harmful to your plants. Portulaca are not heavy feeders, hence they will perform well in low amount of fertilizers.


Cut back portulaca when it begins to look awkward, usually around late summer. Use pruning shears to remove about half the plants height. This will fortify the plant and encourage more blooming before winter.

You should prune the plant whenever the stems seem outgrown and look untidy.

कीट और रोग

The 9 o clock plant is not susceptible to diseases. To maintain it is advisable to remove old and dead leaves. Clean leaves with painting soft brush at regular intervals if possible.

They are rarely susceptible to common houseplant pests like mealy bugs, spider mites, and scale insects. Use Neem oil as a foliar spray. 


लेखक का नोट

I guess you are now clear on portulaca care guide. I would like to thank Mr. Sital Sarkar for his informative contribution in this article. If you have any ideas, suggestions, or queries then leave your comment below. You can also connect with एग्रीकल्चर रिव्यू on Facebook, Instagram, and Koo.

CAUTION: According to the ASPCA, it is found that the 9 o clock plant is toxic to Dogs, Cats, and Horses.    

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