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Rhoeo Plants

Rhoeo discolor और Tradescantia spathacea is very beautiful garden plants that belong to the Commelinaceae familyMoses-in-the-cradle, Moses-in-the-basket, Boat lily, and Oyster plant. It is a herb in the Commelinaceae family. Rhoeo plant is considered to be native of Belize, Guatemala, and southern Mexico. Rhoeo plant is widely cultivated as a decorative and naturalized in parts of Florida, Texas, Hawaii, and various oceanic island.

It has fleshy rhizomes और rosettes of waxy lance-shaped leaves. Leaves are dark metallic green above and reddish-purple underneath. They are very attractive foliage plants that will reach one foot tall. 

Guess what?
we are back with another easy-care garden plant that adds beauty to your garden, Mr. Sital Sarkar has shared from his experience of gardening, few tips to take care of your Rhoeo plants. You can read more of his tips in the बागवानी label.

Easy steps to grow and maintain of Rhoeo Plants are given below:

1. You can purchase seedlings from any nursery or from an online store or easily propagate through division.

2. If you want to propagate it from old plants then take a pot crowded with plants.

3. Spring is a better time to develop seedling.

4. At first Separate plants from container and now separate each plant by hand by applying pressure in the bottom part of plants.

5. Separate it carefully. Try to separate each plant with roots.

6. Use 3 inches diameter garden container to develop seedlings.

7. Use potting mix to grow like 40% coco peat+ 50%soil+ 10% sand or any well drain peat moss containing potting mix.

8. The seedling will start new rooting in 3 to 4 weeks.
9. Water medium till seedlings are developed properly.

10. When seedlings are well developed, transfer each seedling into 6-inch diameter garden containers.
11. Place it where partial continuous light could be provided. Otherwise they lose their leaves.

12. It requires medium watering. Overwatering can damage your plants. Next watering done when topsoil will be going dry.

13. Feeding of plants is ½ teaspoon bone dust during spring season

14. The size of the plant can be controlled only by division or repotting.

15. Remove dry and destroyed leaves regularly.

16. It is pest-free plants. Just maintain the cleanness of pot and plant.

oyester plant
Rhoeo Plant in Pot

Importance of Rhoeo

1. It is an excellent ornamental container plant

2. They are hardy in USDA zones 9-12 and are also grown as ornamental plants.

3. The flower is used medicinally for the treatment of dysentery and hemoptysis.

4. Rhoeo discolor extracts have proven to have important anti-microbial activity.

5. Extracts from Rhoeo discolor could act as anti-bacterial और antimycotic drugs या additives for foods और cosmetics.

6. The leaves have been used in regional native cultures, consumed mostly in infusions or indirect skin contact to treat allergic rhinitis, superficial mycoses, ulcer, as a broad-spectrum anti-inflammatory, and dermatological agent and also as a treatment for cancer.

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