Is only building homes and killing plants is considered development, in the year 2020, we can easily figure out the affects of global warming. Scientists have forecasted that if the situation doesn’t get in control then the planet temperature will rise by 1.5 degree Celsius from 2030 to 2052.

Amy medina a chef turned gardener from florida
Amy Medina, A Chef turned Gardener from Florida
You can achieve success very easily by doing hard work and planning but to have peace in life you need to be connected with nature. In simple words there should be a balance between your lifestyle and the nature.
When I see people having baseless selfish goals in their life, I feel that this should be changed, this mentality can lead to disaster. Having goals in life is a good perspective. You can see many motivational speaker talking about achieving goals only.
But no one teaches about selecting a profitable goal for everyone. One such profitable goal is working for the nature and with the nature. For that we should start encouraging and promoting people to grow plants.
I am not against having a good house with a luxurious car but what I mean is that we should always stay connected to nature. And before planning anything we should think of the impact of that goal on the nature.
But I know and understand that it takes courage for a common human being to start something beneficial not only to the person itself but also to the humanity.
Few people find very hard to grow plants as if they have to build a jet engine by their own, but many have started realising the importance and value of plants in their life. And one such beautiful person is Amy Medina from Florida.
Amy has made her backyard green with vegetables, ornamentals, trees, etc. But this greenery was not there from the beginning. Let’s read the message from Amy on her gardening journey.
Amy Medina gardening story

First I was a chef, and before that, a baker. My first restaurant job was in fine dining and we had access to basically everything you could imagine, ingredient-wise. Once I left that job, I was left with a void: where would I source my fine and fascinatingly different ingredients….? 

Thus, given the fine climate of north Florida, where I live, and my reasonable yard space, I decided to go the growing route. I came out the gate trying to grow it all! The rarer the better! 
Especially I enjoyed growing fruit trees. First, I planted a small ponderosa lemon tree, this was many years ago. Now, the tree stands full of huge, ripening citrus as I type this. Then, I added limes, figs, a persimmon tree, a quince tree, pomegranates… 
My rarest fruiting tree would probably be the Japanese raisin tree, a little known species. Rather quickly, I began to run out of foreseeable space to plant trees. This led me to sowing seeds for vegetables. I think the first thing I successfully grew from seed was pigeon peas. 
A couple years passed and I grew things regularly. One year, I planted Seminole pumpkin seeds. Two plants overtook every bit of my yard! They even climbed a large juniper tree, and by the seasons end, there were a dozen small pumpkins dangling from side tree. 
pumpkins from amy medina garden


It was quite a burden to get them down! But the joy of harvesting is uncountable. After some years of grueling outside labour at home and also working on a farm, my interest in mostly tropical houseplants suddenly piqued. 
आपको इन्हें पढ़ना भी अच्छा लगेगा:
Like a sponge I absorbed much information (still do, everyday!) and inundated myself with all this new knowledge… species, genus… sized big and small… care: tricky and simple… I wanted them all! 
So, today I do just that. I collect houseplants. For myself, for friends and clients, I’ve been known to locate certain things from time to time. I buy, sell and trade, I travel between cities, I create international business relationships, I nurse imports, propagate stock, etc. I used to be a chef turned gardener. Now, I am a plant broker who could probably show you a thing or two in the kitchen. 

Amy Medina
(A Chef turned Gardener)
These were the words of Amy from Florida who has fallen in love with her plants, if you are also falling in love with your plants then comment down below. If Amy can do it then you can also start growing plants. Start today!

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