Hellebores also known as “Christmas roses” or “Lenten roses” are a group of perennial flowering plants that bloom in winter and early spring. They are mostly evergreen with eye-catching blooms that can be green, white, pink, or ruby and enjoy dappled shade. Although, they are highly toxic to pets, but are a great source of food for early pollinators. They like to grow in neutral to slightly acidic soils but hate waterlogged soil as they are prone to root rot.

When To Plant Hellebores?


The best time to plant hellebores is during fall. However, you can also plant them in the spring, but they will require thorough watering. That’s why people love to plant them in the fall so that they get insulated during winter and start showing new growth with the onset of spring. Make sure to plant them at a spot where they can get indirect sunlight for proper growth and development of the new plant.

Even if you are trying to grow hellebores from seeds, then too you should sow seeds either in fall or spring. This is because seeds require a few warmer months before the freezing months to germinate. You can also sow seeds from March to August, but not during winter. Generally, sowing seeds soon after the pod drops is considered best as it prevents seeds from going dormant. To plant hellebores divisions, September to October is the best time, or you can plant them just before the onset of winter in your region.

After planting divsions, it will take around 2 to 3 years for the plant to start blooming, so don’t get discouraged easily. They are the shade loving flowering plants that require patience. All these tips are applicable to plant parents in the Plant Hardiness Zones 3 through 9.

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