The climatic requirement to raise turkey birds varies among different breeds of turkey. In general, turkey can survive well at 40 to 75° F. They are large, densely feathered birds due to which they can survive extreme winters when fed well and kept in a shelter. However, under starvation or without food they can barely survive for about two weeks during chilling cold seasons.


Turkey breeds such as Standard Bronze Turkey, Blue Slate Turkey, Narragansett Turkey, Bourbon Red Turkey, White Holland Turkey etc. are well adapted to colder climatic conditions. They can tolerate temperatures as low as 20° F. In general, turkeys are more adapted to cold climatic conditions than hot climatic conditions.

However, to get a good yield or harvest, you need to maintain an appropriate temperature inside the shelter of turkeys. In the absence of shelter, turkeys can overwinter, if the temperature does not fall below the freezing point because they have a lot of feather on their body that acts as insulation.

If turkeys are affected by cold, then they reduce their movements, feeding and other activities. At this time you can shift them to a place where they can benefit from the artificial heat source, keep the area clean and well-ventilated, add an extra layer of bedding, increase their diet etc.

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