Recently on a trading site called Trade Me a buyer living in New Zealand ended up buying a rare house plant that have only four leaves for 8,150 New Zealand Dollars. In Indian rupees it is approximately Rs 4,00,690. 


A botanist from Auckland sold this plant on this trading site. The plant is an extravagant rare variegated Rhaphidophora tetrasperma. It is also known as Variegated minima or Philodendron minima.

During the auction 62 bids were placed on this plant. From the sources of Stuff New Zealand, this rare plant is the most expensive one to be sold on the website. 

From the description written by the seller on this amazing houseplant it is clear that this plant has four leaves with green and yellow variegation in each leaf. 

After reading the reports of Stuff New Zealand it becomes clear that the variegated plant grows very slowly and are generally rare that’s why there is a huge demand worldwide by horticulturalists and collectors to purchase these rare plants.

four lakh rupees houseplant

This plant variety is commonly known as Mini Monstera or Philodendron Ginny and is native to Southern Tahiland and to Malaysia. However, the plant that was sold is slightly unique and different from their plant group. 

This variegated house plant can be grown in a 14 centimetres pot that have good drainage holes at the bottom. 

They have variegated leaves that are half green and half yellow. From the sources of Radio New Zealand it has been revealed that there is an interesting chapter on the purchase of this plant. 

They told that an anonymous buyer told them that he purchased this rare plant to add in his tropical paradise. The buyer along with two more plant enthusiast is trying to create a tropical paradise. 

In this tropical paradise a fully enclosed restaurant will be build in the middle of the tropical garden that is the house of birds and butterflies. They are going to add this rare variety of house plant in their restaurant in tropical paradise.

I hope what will you do with four lakhs Indian rupee? Are you willing to go on a tour somewhere or you are the next person buying a wonderful rare plant. Tell me in the comments.

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