Globally we celebrate world food day also recognized as world agriculture day on 16th October every year to acknowledge the importance of agriculture in our life. The evolution of agriculture started almost around 10,000 years ago with the introduction of subsistence agriculture.

At present, in the era of commercial agriculture, food is produced in large quantities in farms, processed, stored, and delivered to the market for us to eat, ensuring a consistent and accessible food supply for the growing population. Hence, agriculture plays a crucial role in ensuring consistent food supply to the world.

A single piece of grain that we eat may have travelled thousands of kilometers before entering in our stomach. Therefore, to value this importance of agriculture, various days are marked to celebrate and support the farming community.

National & International Agriculture Days

Agriculture DaysDate
WTO Foundation day1st January
World Wetlands Day2nd February
World Pulses Day10th February
International Day of Action for Rivers14th March
National Agriculture Day (United States)21st March
International Day of Forests21st March
World Water Day22nd March
International Carrot Day2nd April
World Health Day7th April
World Malbec Day17th April
Earth Day22nd April
Panchayat Raj Day (National)24th April
 International Seeds Day26th April
International Labour Day1st May
Greenery Day4th May
International Tea Day21st May
International Day for Biological Diversity22nd May
World No Tobacco Day31st May
World Milk Day1st June
World Environment Day5th June
World Food Safety Day7th June
World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought17th June
International Fruit Day 1st July
World Chocolate Day7th July
International Beer Day6th August
World Catfish Day8th August
International Day of the World’s Indigenous People9th August
World Honey Bee Day19th August
International Day of Charity for Food Security and Sustainable Agriculture1st September
World Coconut Day2nd September
International Day of the Tropics9th September
World Bamboo Day18th September
International Coffee Day1st October
World Vegetarian Day1st October
International Day of Rural Women15th October
World Food Day16th October
World Fisheries Day21st November
National Milk Day26th November
World Soil Day5th December
Farmer’s Day or Kisan Diwas (National)23rd December

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