A 20 year old farmer Narayan Lal Dhaker living in Chittorgarh, Rajasthan (India) has inspired lot of people from his money saving innovations.


His mother became his inspiration. When his twin elder sisters were only two years old and he was still inside his mother’s womb, his family lost the man of their house.
His family struggled a lot. After the death of his father all the responsibility of the family came in her mother’s hand. Shree Sita Devi, Narayan’s mother was managing 7.5 acres of land alone.

Narayan said that he had seen his mother doing a lot of hard work for the family. She had to work alone in the farm and even manage her house. He further explained that sometimes they have to bear heavy loses due to unavailabilty of labour at the time of harvest. As a kid he felt helpless.

As he grew, he became capable of participating in day to day activities with his mother. He began helping her in the field. Later on he started realizing his potential and started experimenting with many things to make his mother’s work easier.

He is focused to reduce farm efforts and increase yield. He was in his final year BA when his first innovation came into this world. It was a farm equipment to which came in handy to get rid of blue bulls ( Nilgai). 

His first innovation was very simple and cost almost nothing, he just took an old oil can and cut it sides and filled water in it. He then put Diya or candle inside and lighted it, this lightened setup was then placed at a height in the middle of the farm. 

This not only helped in keeping blue bulls away from the farm but also attracted insects towards light and worked as a light trap. Insects that got attracted either died from burns or failed in the water kept inside the can. 

This also helped in other ways, birds which used to feed on insects in the field somehow damaged the standing crops in the field but because of his innovation they were now feeding insects only at a particular spot hence as the outcome his farm was saved. There were many objectives covered in his first innovation that are:

  • innovation at very low or negligible cost
  • problem of keeping blue bulls away from the field
  • problem of insect infestation controlled
  • problem of bird damaging the crop reduced
  • last and the most important, his mother has not to stay awake at night to keep blue bulls away from the farm at night.
His first innovation motivated him a lot and he started taking his interest seriously. He experimented more and targeted to create farm equipments at a very low cost with high efficiency. He soon made a hand weeder that cost around rupees two hundred only.


Soon he started researching innovation and farming techniques on the internet through youtube and other platforms and this ignited him to try and adopt different farm techniques to get more yield.

  • He started using a multi-cropping technique in his field to maintain soil fertility and get more yield. In his village no other farmer had adopted this technique. It gave him better results.
  • Narayan started growing cotton and sweet potato together. He found out that growing sweet potato in the gaps with cotton crop controls and reduces weed growth. This saves the cost over herbicides and labour to remove weeds. This technique has double benefits.
  • Narayan loves to practice indigenous techniques. He grows mung just after harvesting of cotton crop. It helps to retain the nitrogen content of the soil.
  • Narayan uses organic manure instead of inorganic fertilizers, he is not in favour of adding many inorganic chemicals in the soil. But he also agrees to use it at the time of critical needs.
Narayan is very connected with his field. It gives him new ideas and inspires him to do better every time.

His innovation inspired him to spread his information to as many people as possible that’s why he created his Youtube Channel named as Adarsh Kisan Kendra to share his information with everyone. Now his channel has over 3 lakh youtube subscribers. He also has a Facebook account with name Narayan Lal Dhaker.

Narayan is interested in community building and want to work together with people having same interest. He says together we can do wonders.

You can help Narayan Lal Dhankar in his mission, contact him on this number 07742684130
You can also email him on narayan4130@gmail.com .

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