This ultimate guide on how to grow cucumber from seeds will help you to understand complete process of seed germination. Grow cucumber from seeds in your garden.

I have sown high-quality cucumber seeds today that I purchased from the nearest seed store. I have also grown cucumber from seeds earlier but this year I am growing by using scientific and precise methods to germinate seeds.

People love eating cucumber, mostly in the form of salad in their diet but what if you get cucumbers from your own organic garden instead of going out and purchasing them from the market.

Growing Season

You can start sowing cucumber seeds from early February to March as early crops under controlled irrigations. And also at the end of June to July as late-season crops.

Sowing seeds from June to July sowing completely depends on the first rain shower. However, sowing in trays or pots have controlled environment.

But if you are sowing seeds in ground soil then always sow your seeds after the first rain shower to get better results. Because moisture and hot climate favours seedling growth of cucurbits.

Let’s now discuss:

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 How To Grow Cucumber From Seeds?

Purchase high-quality disease-resistant seeds either from the nearest plant nursery or online. Always check the label before purchasing for sowing time given for the seeds.

Soak cucumber seeds in water for four hours to break dormancy.

Potting Mix

Prepare potting mix with 50% normal garden soil + 10% cocopeat + 40% any organic compost. Mix them thoroughly with your hand. Take in note that the soil you are using should not be contaminated with bacteria and fungus. Remove hard substances from the soil like pebbles.

I decontaminate the soil by drying them in direct sunlight for at least 3 days. Pour the potting mix in the germination tray or any small to medium size container with good drainage holes.

Broadcast or place each seed 2 cm apart in the container. In germination tray place one seed in each and cover it with potting mix.

cucumber flower
Cucumber flower, Image by Irina_kukuts from Pixabay

Sprinkle water gently without disturbing the seeds. Place the container in a semi-shade area where it can receive filtered sunlight and avoid direct sunlight to the pot. Water gently when the top layer of soil medium seems dry but do not overwater. Overwatering can result in poor germination.

Your cucumber seeds will germinate within a week but transplant only when your plant has reached 3 to 4 well-grown leafed stage.



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