This ultimate guide on how to care for string of pearls will help you in knowing sunlight, watering, fertilizers, pests and diseases, etc. Moreover also get to know step by step process to propagate string of pearls.


Senecio rowleyanus also known as string of pearls plant is a wonderful vining succulent plant which has pea shaped leaves. If cared well this plant can survive for five years and is one of the best plant for hanging pots.

String of pearls is native to East African desert, hence it can survive very well in similar environmental conditions. You can also propagate this houseplant by stem cuttings.

If you keep this plant under partial shade sunlight then it will also produce white coloured flowers during spring season. Let’s learn about precise care tips for this houseplant by experts.

Care Guide For String Of Pearls

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Growing SeasonSpring to Fall.
SoilWell drained sandy soil.
Potting MixAny well drained succulent potting mix.
SunlightPartial shade sunlight.
WateringKeep soil little moist during summer, less watering during winters.
FertilizersNitrogen rich organic fertilizer only twice in a growing season.
PestsAphids, Mealybugs.
DiseasesRoot Rot
Care Guide

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How and When to water string of pearls?

As it is a succulent plant so it doesn’t require much water. During hot summer days apply water to keep the soil little moist. But reduce watering during winter season. Overwatering can kill this plant.

Avoid wetting of leaves while watering. With the help any small watering equipment apply water around the base of the plant.

When to repot string of pearls?

You can repot during spring season. However repotting this houseplant is not always necessary as it has shallow root system. But if you are growing them in a small pot then you can repot according to plant growth and root size.

Do string of pearls need sunlight?

Yes, this houseplant grows very well under bright indirect sunlight. However during summers direct sunlight can cause sunburn of leaves.

How fast do string of pearls grow?

At maturity this plant can grow up to 1 to 2 feet tall, it grows at a rate of 5 to 15 inches per year.

Is string of pearls toxic to cats and humans?

Yes, this houseplant is toxic to pets and humans. But keeping them in hanging pots will help to keep it away from pets.

How To Propagate String Of Pearls?

String of peas plant, Photo by Jennifer Burk on Unsplash

String Of Pearls Propagation Step By Step

21 days

Preparation Of Media

Take well drained succulent soil in a small sized terracotta pots with drainage holes at the bottom.

Take stem cuttings

With the help of gardening tools take 3 to 4 inches long stem cuttings of the plant. string-of-pearls-cutting

Striping of leaves

Remove few leaves from the bottom 1/2 to 1 inches part of the cuttings.stem-cuttings


Plant the bottom end of the cutting in the pot and press lightly around the base of cutting. In a pot you can plant 3 to 4 cuttings. string-of-pearls-propagation


Mist the soil with water and keep checking the dryness of the soil. Keep soil little moist till roots are developed. Avoid applying excess water.

After 3 to 4 weeks you will start noticing new growth in the roots and the plant.

Author’s Note

I guess you are now clear on caring and propagating this beautiful houseplant. If you have any ideas, queries, or suggestions, then you can comment below.

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