This ultimate guide on how to control aphids will help you to save your plant from aphids. Get to know organic ways to control aphids.


Aphids are serious pest that destroys crops in the field by sucking the sap of the plant. They are also known as green fly and black fly. Moreover, they can be white, green or black in colour. They attack annual plants and woody trees and cause a serious problem to both farmers and gardeners.

Just like mealy bugs they have mutual relationship with ants. They provide ants a sticky substance called honeydew which they form as a covering around them as a protective layer from predators.

Aphids are also the carrier of various virus and bacterial diseases that can seriously affect your plant. If you will not control them immediately then they will increase their numbers rapidly through asexual reproduction and telescopic development.

It is found that insecticides doesn’t work well on this pest so trying to control aphids organically is the best way. It is also very easy, cost effective and environment friendly method to protect your plants.

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Aphids (small black pests) on host plant, Image by Myriams-Fotos from Pixabay

Aphid Pest Symptoms

If your plant is yellowing and you notice these small creatures crawling on your plant depositing honeydew with ants feeding on them then be aware, your plant is under an aphid attack.

You can easily notice their colonies on central leaf whorl, tip of the stem, underside of leaves and ears of the plant. They generally attack the plants in the temperate region. Vegetables, Annuals, Perennials, trees, shrubs, etc. can get affected by this pest


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How To Control Aphids?

There are various methods to control this aphids and I will discuss them all. The first and the most easy method is by applying water pressure on the affected areas by the garden hose.  

This will help you to remove the pest from the plant immediately but this should be done again and again in the interval of 3 days to ensure zero growth of the pest on the plant.

You can also introduce natural predators of this pest such as lady bug, Lacewing larvae, Predatory midge larvae, etc. to control this pest. However, you can also use yellow sticky traps. These traps attracts pests towards them.

Having sticky traps in the garden is one of the best method to save your plant from flying pests.


You can remove the infected plant parts immediately to stop the spread. This should be done in the early stage of infection when the pest have not spread completely on your plants. You can also clean the infected part with the help of a cloth or cotton swab to remove the pest. 

Organic Sprays

For controlling pest through organic solution spray you should have spray bottle, garlic paste, hand wash liquid soap and vegetable oil like mustard oil, soybean oil, etc. 

  • Mix two teaspoons of liquid soap with two teaspoon of vegetable oil thoroughly and keep them aside.
  • Add one tea spoon of garlic paste in two litres of water, mix it well and boil this solution for 15 minutes. Strain this solution after boiling with the help of a strainer and remove the solid material from the solution.
  • Mix the oil and liquid soap mixture in this solution and mix it very well and let it cool for sometime till the temperature of the solution reaches at ideal room temperature.
  • Pour this solution in the spray bottle and spray this homemade organic solution on your infected plants in the evenings in the interval of every three days.¬†

This solution is effective in controlling this pest and tell us your response by commenting below.   You can also try to control aphids by neem oil spray.


Author’s Note

I guess you are now clear on controlling aphids attack on your cute plants. If you have any ideas, suggestions or queries then do let me know by commenting below. You can also connect with Agriculture Review on Facebook, Instagram, and Koo.

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