I love to grow winter vegetables and I guess that you are also interested to grow winter vegetables in your home garden. If this is the case then you at the right place. In this article एग्रीकल्चर रिव्यू will guide you to grow winter vegetables in your home garden.


winter vegetables that you can grow by agriculture review
Winter Vegetables That You Can Grow!
Most of the newbie gardener thinks that growing vegetables in the home garden is a very tough job but I can assure you that if you follow my words 100% then you are going to succeed in the very first step of growing vegetables.
Growing vegetables especially winter vegetables is not a rocket science. It is quite simple and easy if you take appropriate care of them. Just like we humans need love, care and food to grow properly, the same conditions are with plants.
But because of our common mistakes such as over watering, improper drainage, fertilizer application, pest and disease management, etc. we keep killing our plants again and again. Either you are a newbie or an expert in vegetable gardening, this article will prove out to be very helpful for growing your vegetables.
In this article I will provide list of winter vegetables that you can grow during tropical winters in your garden along with basic information and care tips, for detailed information on growing these vegetables I am going to provide you links.
You can visit those detailed articles by clicking on links that will be displayed after the basic information of each vegetables. So let’s start:

Winter Vegetables For your garden!


1. Cabbage

पत्ता गोभी belongs to ब्रैसिसेकी family and is a winter vegetable that is quite easy to grow. You can even grow cabbages in pot. I prefer growing cabbages by purchasing healthy baby seedlings from the nearest nursery.
They can be grown from mid July to October in tropical countries like India, however if you live in temperate regions that faces chilling cold then prefer growing this vegetable in spring season.
If you want to grow from seeds then direct seeding is preferred, growing pot can be medium to large size with at least 3 to 4 drainage holes.
Do not get confused in selecting earthen, cemented or plastic pots, any of them can show good results for this vegetable crop. Many gardeners also love to grow this vegetable in medium to large sized growing bags.
To know complete growing guide of cabbages you can visit this link: HOW TO GROW CABBAGES?

2. Cauliflower

फूलगोभी is also from Brassicaceae family and can be grown during winters in tropical countries. Growing this vegetable plant requires depth knowledge and experience, however if you are new to gardening then also you can try growing this vegetable in your garden.
If you will follow my advice on growing plants then there are very less chance that you will fail. Plants requires little time and knowledge to grow them properly. 
I will suggest you to purchase high quality and healthy seedlings from the plant nursery to grow this vegetable in your home garden. Compared to cabbages this vegetable can be grown in small spaces too.
But more space is always better, you can grow this vegetable in your home garden from August to November in tropical areas. To know how to grow cauliflower in your visit this link:



If you are new to gardening then growing spinach in winters is beneficial for you. Growing spinach is a very easy job. You only have to purchase high quality seeds from the market and germinate them directly in the growing pot.
Selecting a square to rectangular sized pot with at least 3 to 4 drainage holes and having porous soil medium favours good growth of the plants. You can start sowing of spinach seeds from September to October.
I have recently sown spinach seeds in my and they have germinated very well. I hope you will also start sowing spinach seeds after reading this article. If you want to learn on how to care for your spinach plants then you must check out this article:

4. Coriander

I know, most of you have seen everywhere that growing coriander plant is very easy but when you tried then you failed most of the time. This common mistake is due to growing coriander in unfavourable conditions.
Native coriander varieties grows mainly in winter season in tropical countries like India, however few hybrid varieties can grow anytime. But these hybrid varieties are available in online stores or plant nurseries.
When you purchase any variety seeds of coriander then always check the sowing time of that variety. If you will sow your seeds in the wrong time then the crop will fail after sometime.
I will suggest you to purchase high quality and disease resistant seeds from the nearest plant store. You can start sowing coriander seeds from October to November in tropical countries. 
You can select similar growing pots that are mentioned for growing spinach. Other important points are also necessary such as watering, sunlight requirement, fertilizer, pest management.
To learn all these important factors to grow your coriander plant successfully you can visit this link:

5. Eggplant or Brinjal

बैंगन or brinjal can also be grown as a winter vegetable. I have recently grown hybrid variety of eggplant in my terrace garden and it has started flowering. Soon the fruits will appear and I will share pictures on Agriculture Review’s Facebook page.
Growing eggplants is also easy, although you need to take care of pest especially. Eggplants are prone to pest attacks. I have mainly faced beetle attacks on my eggplants. But to counter them is easy if you take good care of your plants.
Apart from this factor, seed quality, growing pot size, drainage, watering, fertilizers, sunlight exposure controls the growth of a plant. If you know about them then it becomes a very easy job to grow them.
For raising winter crop you can sow them from September to early November in tropical countries like India. If you are not comfortable with sowing seeds then you can transplant them directly in the soil.
The complete growing guide have already been published on my website, you can check this out to grow eggplant in your home garden:

6. Capsicum

शिमला मिर्च can be grown during winters in tropical countries like India. You can start sowing seeds for successful crop from October to November, depending on the variety of the seeds. Always select high yielding variety that can grow in your region.
Growing this vegetable plant requires special care and management. You need to protect your plant from diseases to grow them successfully, if you read my articles completely then there will be very less problem.
If you ever face any problem while growing your vegetables then you can send me your queries by filling contact form on my website. To learn how to grow capsicum in your home garden you can visit this link:
You can also grow chilli, tomato, potato, carrot, radish, broccoli, etc. during winter season in tropical regions.

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