Attack of the coronavirus has made many things different. Humanity is suffering a great loss everywhere. The virus which spread from China to everywhere has caged humans inside their home. 

Many countries are facing lockdown. But our vision is of an optimist, we have decided to make it beneficial for us humans. It has given us a great opportunity to learn, share, and encourage people to grow vegetables inside our home or kitchen garden. 

But why growing vegetables and taking gardening more than a hobby? Well, the current situation gives the answer, Home gardening not only gives you a few fresh and organic vegetables but also provides you food during an emergency. 

It connects family together as well as the growth of indoor plants also freshen the air and removes the air pollutants inside the home. It is also one of the best methods to engage yourself in physical activities inside the home in urban cities. 

It enhances your knowledge about nutrients, soil, water, photoperiod and so many things related to plants and their functioning. Eating fresh vegetables grown inside the home with our own efforts and care to make us healthy. Even using kitchen waste as organic fertilizer reduces the biowaste. 

Now imagine if not 100% but near about 70% population living in urban and suburban areas started taking home gardening as a daily routine. It will automatically reduce a lot of biowaste and will give you a good amount of fresh vegetables. It will also reduce your daily expenditure on many vegetables that you purchase from the market. If you are living in India, you must be facing a pollution issue in your city. Even in other countries, people face pollution issues. 

Because of pollution around us, our immune system weakens and we become prone to many diseases. According to research, it is believed that many respiratory disease are caused due to pollution in cities. 

Yet people do nothing to solve this severe issue. This risks their family’s life. So why not take a step today, all you need is to subscribe to us so that you will be updated with our articles that will guide you to grow indoor plants which will make purify your air naturally. And believe it or not, if my article encourages even around 70% of the population then we together will be able to solve this problem naturally.    

All you need you to do is start reading our article and subscribe to us now and we will guide you to make your home an incredible place for green healthy vegetables and awesome refreshing indoor plants.

Now people will have different opinions and questions about “When, How and what to grow and care”, these things will be discussed in our article.

First of all, there is one most important point during lockdown, that is, you can’t go outside to purchase seeds or baby plants to be transplanted from nursery to your home. All are closed but guess what, your home has something inside that can be prepared for plantation.
Here is a list of plants that you can probably grow inside home during lockdown:

  • Wheatgrass
  • मूली
  • लहसुन
  • आलू
  • गाजर
  • धनिया
  • टमाटर
  • पुदीना
We will cover the growing technique of these plants one by one. First, we are discussing the growing techniques of wheatgrass.

Wheat grains are generally available in the home, In India, many people have wheat grains inside their homes. It’s the time to take these wheat grains out and grow them.

wheat grass

  • You can grow wheat grains in soil or even on wet tissue paper or old newspapers, it’s quite easy to grow.
  • You can also make use of old or unused containers, like lunch boxes, etc. to grow plants. All you need is to drill three to four drainage holes in the container to facilitate proper drainage.
  • If you have soil around or in your house then use it otherwise the other options have already been discussed. Put the soil in the container while leaving some space at the top to facilitate irrigation.
  • You can mix used tea leaves in the soil. This will provide nutrition to the growing wheatgrass. However, wheatgrass will grow good even without fertilizer.
  • Now spread wheat grains over the soil and cover it with a centimeter layer of soil and irrigate it after sowing.
  • Before sowing of wheat grains, soak them overnight in water, it will promote seed germination.
  • If you are growing wheatgrass without soil then just put a thin layer of tissue paper inside the container. Spread it evenly to all sides and spray a little water on them.
  • Now spread wheat grains over the tissue paper and cover it with another thin layer of paper and spray water over it. Do not immerse it completely underwater. Just make sure that the grains remain a little wet.
  • Now irrigate it daily enough to maintain the right amount of moisture. In one, two or three days grains will start sprouting.
  • In a few days, it will reach the jointing stage, you can recognize this stage by seeing two leaves. At this time sugar content in wheatgrass is at its maximum.
  • At this stage, cut a few wheatgrass with the help of scissors or hand over the place of jointing.
You can take these cutting and blend it in mixer or blender by adding a little water and you can drink its juice. It’s healthy and beneficial for health.
It helps in weight loss, kills cancer cells, reduces cholesterol, etc.
  • You can use this grass till three cuttings after that remove it and grow again from new grains.
  • If grains are not available in your home then you can easily purchase it from the nearest store as they remain open for a fixed amount of time during the lockdown.
For growing tomatoes during the lockdown in home, visit this link How to grow a tomato in coronavirus lockdown

Try this one out and We will be updating you with more of our articles on growing vegetables during Corona Virus Lockdown. We will love your comment and email. Share this article so that everyone gets benefits from this. 

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