This ultimate guide on organic fungicide will help you to prepare and use your own home made organic fungicide for plants. Get to know the complete process.

Don’t worry! I am not saying to make a tough chemical formula. The whole process is very simple and easy. And you will be surprised to know that most of the ingredients are already present in your home.

So if you believe in keeping your plant healthy. And on the other hand you do not want to damage nature with inorganic chemicals, then this article is definitely for you.


Do you know that there are about 8000 species of fungus that can damage your plant. And they not only damages root but can also cause damages to other plant parts.

In case of severe over watering in pots or ground can favour the growth of fungus. They generally grows near root zone या basal stem. Their growth affects the plant and results in root rot या crown rot disease.

Moreover fungus infestation can also result in diseases like powdery mildew, botrytis rot, anthracnose, etc.

Severe attack of the fungus, if ignored, can even kill your plants. Therefore it is very important to identify and control any kind of fungal attack on plants.

However many a times, fungus grows inside the soil around root zone. It become very difficult to identify them in early stages. Therefore I tried to find out a very useful organic fungicide that can solve the problem.

And at last I came with this traditional organic solution that really helped me a lot!

You can also use this method to prepare this organic pesticide in your home. You can try it in your farm land as well as in gardens.

ingridients for organic fungicide


You will need to arrange the following materials to prepare the organic solution.

Buttermilk150 ml
Mustard Seeds Powder2 Tablespoons
Copper VesselOne
Cotton Cloth1 piece

Once you have these ingredients then let’s start preparing the organic solution for our plants.

how to prepare organic fungicide, organic fungicide

How To Prepare Organic Fungicide?

Follow the following guidelines carefully to prepare the organic solution:

Take 150 ml of buttermilk in the copper vessel and add two tablespoons of mustard seeds powder in it. Mix this solution with the help of a spoon and cover the opening of the vessel with a cotton cloth.

Place this vessel in a shady या dark place for 7 to 10 days. After 7 days remove the cloth. You will notice a light blue colour in the upper layer of the solution. Light blue colour is the indication of a perfect solution.

Filter it out with the help of any filtering material that can help to remove the granular particles from the solution. Your basic organic fungicide is ready but you should not use it directly.

Mix one part of this solution in 20 parts of water, mix it well and fill this solution in the spray bottle. Spray this organic fungicides once in a week on your plants and see the effects.

I personally use this method to control fungus and pests on my plants. It also lowers down my dependency on inorganic pesticides या fungicides which in a way harms nature.

Note: The use of copper vessel is mandatory along with all other materials involved to prepare this solution.

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