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Good luck Jade Plant (Crassula ovata) Live Plant for sale at best price in the market!

पूरा मनी-बैक गारंटी अगर डिलीवर किया गया उत्पाद बुरी तरह क्षतिग्रस्त पाया जाता है।

Images are for refrence purpose only, we take responsibility of delivering quality product. You will get one plant per order of jade plant and after purchase your product will be delivered within a week!

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Good Luck bringing Jade plant or “Crassula ovata” is a popular succulent houseplant which is native to native to the KwaZulu-Natal and Eastern Cape provinces of South Africa, and Mozambique. This houseplant is also known as friendship plant, money plant, or silver dollar plant in some areas. In native climate jade grows as a perennial plant that can live up to 50 to 7o years. During late winters to spring season jade plant start blooming in clusters at the tip of branches.

Once you purchase jade plant from us, then you need to care for them to get best out of our product.

Jade Plant Care Guide

  1. Climate: Warm & humid tropical climate.
  2. Soil & Potting Mix: Well drained sandy soil that is not so rich in organic matter and is slightly acidic.
  3. Sunlight: Bright indirect to direct sunlight throughout the day.
  4. पानी देना: नियमित रूप से पानी देने से बचें, अगली बार पानी देने से पहले मिट्टी को पूरी तरह सूखने दें।
  5. Fertilizers: Once after every 90 days you can add a handful of leaf compost or Neem cake fertilizer (Neem Khali).
  6. Bloom Time: Late winter to Spring season.
  7. Flower Colour: White to pink.
  8. Propagation: Through stem cuttings.


सामान्य समस्या

  1. Root Rot: Due to overwatering or poorly draining soil.
  2. Mealy bugs: Visit Link
  3. Leaf Drop: Due to underwatering.

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